Grey's Anatomy 6.06 – "I Saw What I Saw"

This was a unique episode for Grey’s so I’m not sure how to write a review about it. After the disappointing last few episodes I actually didn’t expect to enjoy a new Grey’s episode very much, but I did. Not for the reasons for which I usually enjoy Grey’s, because it didn’t feel much like the Grey’s I know. Sorry to say that. But I liked it for the mere artistic way of telling a story. Yes, I know it’s nothing new and has been done before, but I still find it very entertaining to watch. On whatever TV show or movie and I enjoyed it this time on Grey’s as well.

Like I said It didn’t feel much like Grey’s though, it could have been any other hospital drama. Which is basically my main complaint about this. Well, about the state the hospital and the show is in right now. The Derek/Webber scene gave me hope though that it might change in the near future. A girl can dream right? I still don’t like the whole merger thing. Richard Webber?… Don’t get me started on him, he once again did such a lousy lousy job. Since when did you get fired for a simple mistake? I guess you do, when your chief of surgery isn’t having your back but doing anything to please the hospital board.
I still don’t care about the Mercy Westers and I don’t want to know anything personal about them like if they are easy to like or who hated who first when they’ve met or anything. I hate that slowly but surely they become a part of the SGH hospital staff. Ok, they are one down by now, but I’m afraid the rest will stick around for a while. They are already forming some kind of civil relationships with our people. Like when Cristina – in her own unique way – support Reed and showed sympathy for April. (Ugh I hate that I already have their names down by now!). Even Alex and the football player guy seem to come to some sort of understanding. I don’t want that. And I don’t need it. Go away!

I usually like Lexie. I really do. But this episode seriously made me wonder if she really should be allowed to be in the ER when there are multiple severe trauma cases coming in. I like that she cares about her patients but breaking down crying… just so unprofessional. Of course, good doctor that she is, she got her act together later, but she should have got it together in the first place. And why did she even have to look like a 12-year-old with this sort of hair-style or whatever that was supposed to be.

Another detail that bugged me was, how Reed suddenly remembered what happened. It seemed so out of the blue to me.

Apart from the complaint – the major complaint, I might add – it were entertaining 42 minutes for me and I think they did a great job with showing the different perspectives. I really liked the way this epsisode was told/shot and how various perspectives where sort of blended when the point of view shifted. I obviously lack the right technical cinematographical vocabulary to explain what exactly I liked about it :-). Unlike with any other episode I can’t really say much positive/negative about the medical aspects and/or the characters’ behaviour, because it was all secondary to unique way of storytelling. So I guess, this will be a rather short review in comparison to preview reviews of mine.

The thing with Alex initials on the chart had me confused at first, because I was so sure that he never had the chart. It took me until the second round of watching the episode, when I realized that there were more than one A.K. in the ER that night. It also confused me to see Locke’s father as a firefighter *g* But that just happens when you watch too many different TV shows.

I absolutely loved Cristina in this episode. Starting from the scene in Meredith’s room. “I’m putting myself in time-out” and “we need more us-es” to suggesting a way to get a Mercy Wester to be fired. She was finally back to being a hardcore surgeon with very dilligent work, like checking an unknown chart twice and getting a heart beating again. I loved Owen’s “Or… that works too” when she did that. Despite what I said above about hating the forming civil relationships, I also liked that Cristina indeed did stand up for April and to make a stand about all of them making mistakes every now and then. Even if she doesn’t like the competition she is still loyal to a fellow surgeon because when it all comes down they are all together in this and she knows that. I still hate the merger thing/Mercy West folks. Period.

Alex almost broke my heart again, because he is having such a hard time right now. I especially liked the different perspectives when he cut open that patient’s throat. Because from the Mercy Westers perspective he really looked kind of crazy and he muttered something incomprehnsible, which sounded liike something with carotid. But from Alex perspective it was clear that he was just trying to hold it together after having to hang up on Izzie and that he was just muttering to himself “You don’t need to cry”. He just broke my heart. Poor Alex.

My absolute highlight of this episode was Derek talking to Webber! Can I just mention how much I love Derek? (Yes, it’s old news, but after this scene I think it deserves to be mentioned again). His assessment of the situation was so spot on. When he said, what he said, I was cheering. Actually raising my arms and whooping. It was about time somebody told Webber about the real problem. I loved that Derek stayed so calm and I think Paddy did a great job, because you could sense (at least I did), that it wasn’t easy for Derek to say that. After all Webber was his mentor and friend and Derek probably still feels loyal to Webber. But – and that’s the difference between those two – Derek also feels loyal to his co-workers. And he knows that the real problem wasn’t that one doctor made a mistake, but that the real problem was the chaotic work environment that contributed to that mistake, and that the work environment has to change. That’s something a chief should be concerned about and that a chief should take care of. I’m not sure that Webber will be able to do that. Totally rooting for Chief Shepherd once more.

Last, but not least: I totally love the song in the final scene. I never heard from that artist, but I’m going to look him up tonight. Or tomorrow. Soon anyway.

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