I want MY show back!!!

Ugh! I just had to write a short blog post about how much I disliked last night’s Grey’s Anatomy episode. What on earth was that ? Ever since this merger storyline started I knew I would not like it and this episode was the best proof. It’s not just the fact, that I think the whole merging process is presented in the most unrealistic way. Most of all I have issues with my beloved characters acting out of character. Cristina. Owen. Even Derek. I mean, couldn’t he favor his sister-in-law just a little bit? Ugh!
And I hate, hate, hate all the new people. Not them per se, but just the idea of more doctors roaming the halls and stealing screen time from the characters I grew to love. I don’t need any more than the original fab five four, Derek, Bailey, Lexie, Mark, Owen, Callie & Arizona. These are more than enough. And they still have enough potential for great storylines. Give us some more background stories. Show how they deal with their professional and private lifes. Don’t shove more characters down my throat. Since when did the remainder of Lexie’s intern friends become part of the “gang”? Why were they in Meredith hospital room in the beginning? They don’t belong there! I didn’t care about them during all of season 5, why should I care about them now? Go away! And take the whole Mercy Westers with you.Ugh!

There were a few scenes I actually enjoyed and I will go into detail about that in my review, which I will write, even though putting all the the negativity into words might kill my brain :-)

So many of the season 5 storylines sucked (Ghost sex and all)  and I hoped that season 6 would be better. I thought it only could get better. But I obviously was wrong and that makes me sad. I want MY show back. The one I fell in love with. The show with complex characters. Interesting medical stories. Great dialogues. The show that left me in awe. This show right now… not much awe.
Damn, why do I tend to get emotionally invested in a TV show and its characters? It always ends in disappointment. I should have learned that lesson back in the 90s, when Beth Sullivan decided to throw Sully off a cliff and have Daniel take his place as leading male on DQMW. Yes, I admit I loved that show. Seems like a lifetime ago and it kind of is. So much has changed since then. Anyway, the point is… Well, I don’t know what the point is, or is there even is a point. I’m just sad about what happened to Grey’s Anatomy…

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2 Responses to I want MY show back!!!

  1. LJ says:

    I have hashed it out with a few people today, and it’s just not even fun to rag on at this point. I wonder if they are just trying to kill any love for existing characters so that they can garner new, less discerning, fans with crappy stories that can go on forever with no point.

  2. liljan98 says:

    At the moment it definitely feels like they want establish those four new guys into something more than supporting characters. I don’t know… it sucks either way. I guess I should get back to watching the earlier seasons on DVD :-)

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