Grey’s Anatomy 6.09 – “New History”

I almost can’t believe it myself, but I actually really enjoyed the latest Grey’s Anatomy episode. I know I wrote a long rant earlier this week and I won’t take anything of it back, because it’s still true. But this episode was quite good actually. Of course there were a few things I didn’t like, but that’s ok.

There are still too many Mercy Westers around. I probably wouldn’t mind it that much if they’d stay in the background, but I don’t like them to actually have major interaction with one of the old cast. Like the guy in Izzie’s storyline. The other two were hardly around, so I wasn’t that annoyed by their presence. Still don’t need them though.
I honestly don’t need Izzie Stevens either, but I’m afraid she’ll be back some time next year. I actually liked the basic of the storyline (her old mentor etc and how he’s problem was accidentally fixed), but I’m so over Izzie. The way she treated Alex is unforgivable in my eyes and she is such a self-centered person. She wasn’t fired, because Alex asked the chief to take it easy on her, because of her fragile health. By the way, didn’t she herself tried to reason a similar way with the chief when he fired her? Anyway, the thing is: she made a mistake which almost killed a patient and she still doesn’t seem to even want to admit to that. So can she maybe just stay away at the trailer park or wherever? I know I’m going to feel sorry for Alex, but on the other hand seeing him with Izzie won’t warm my heart either.

I know I should feel bad and sorry for Richard Webber and his returned alcohol problem. But I don’t think I’m there yet. This might (and probably is supposed to) explain why he was such a jerk recently, but I still dislike him for having been a douchebag. Maybe that will change if he’ll be stranded in a gutter someday, but until then… I honestely don’t care that much. According to the writer’s blog, Meredith realized he was not drinking a club soda at Joe’s and is therefore now the only one knowing his secret. To me it didn’t seem like Mer really made that connection, but if the writer says so…

Besides of those two issues I actually enjoyed the episode very much. Meredith is back! Yay! With this episode I just realized how much she was missed as the integral center of the show in the last few episodes. At least to me it felt like it. She was dealing with Izzie and Alex (I adore her bond with Alex) and Cristina and she stayed so calm and mature through all of this. Marriage seems to agree with her (Yes, I know they are not legally married, but still…) The Meredith/Derek moment in the OR was really sweet as well. Should I feel bad that I rarely miss George anymore? Probably because I got used to his reduced screentime in season 5.

Bailey was awesome in this episode. That’s the Bailey I know and love and it’s good to have her back. I thought the whole “affair” and “work husband and wife” talk was a bit silly, but Bailey still rocked it. She is more chief than Webber ever could be.

I was suprised that I actually caught myself liking the new cardio attending. I thought she’d be another of the too many doctors at Seattle Grace, but she joined the staff for a reason. Well two reasons actually ;-) But at least the head of cardio position was vacant (unlike the invasion of stupid Mercy West residents) and it’s nice to have another female attending around. Not so sure what to think of the revelations at the end. I don’t really want to see another awkward love triangle between her, Owen and Cristina. On the other hand, I don’t “ship” Owen/Cristina, so I don’t really care that much if they stay a couple or not.During the first few scenes I was with Cristina: She didn’t seem like a cardio-goddess or a qualified attending for that matter at all. But she quickly won me over during the attendings lunch in the cafeteria and of course when she actually was a cardiogoddess teacher to Cristina.

The cafeteria scenes were probably my favourite moments of this episode. I always loved the interns lunch hour in the first few seasons and I missed those during season 4 and 5. And it might not be the “Fab Five interns” lunch anymore, only the lonely three, but it was still vintage Grey’s and I loved it. And I loved the “Fab Five” attendings lunch just as much. The Mark, Callie and Arizona interaction was reall funny. Callie and Mark was great even earlier during the “work husband / wife” talk with her “Nobody’s talking to you” and his “Well there was [something going on] at one point” But my favourite lines were said in the cafeteria: You’re a terrible gossip! – “I’m an excellent gossip.” Who would have thought ;-)

So all in all: Enjoyable episode for me. It really feels weird to say that about a season 6 Grey’s episode. But I watched the promo for next week and I’m afraid I might have to add some more stuff to my Grey’s rant from earlier this week. From what I could gather in the promo I’m afraid Shonda aims to make it on the cover of the next issue of “Soap Opera Digest”.

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