Hairdresser of (random or true?) choice

During a break at work this morning I started to put together some thoughts for the post I’m planning to do on Friday. I’ll be away for the weekend and will have to leave at 5.40 AM, so Friday (and Saturday) posts definitely have to be written beforehand. The Friday post is already getting quite long and somehow got a totally different spend than I actually intended it to have ;-) I’ll most probably will still post it on Friday anyway.

Today’s post has to be shorter though, so I’m asking  another question (for anyone willing to answer): Do you have a regular hairdresser or do you visit various hair salons and don’t care who is cutting your hair? And if so, why?

I thought about that this afternoon when I dropped by my regular hair salon to have my bangs shortened a bit and to make an appointment for a haircut with “my” hairdresser. My mom took us to this salon since we were kids and I stayed a costumer even when I was a teenager and a grown up. I got my hair cut from various hairdressers over the decades and didn’t care too much who of the employees did it. I’m a pretty easy going and undemanding customer, I’d say. No extravaganza, no fuzzy hair that needs special treatment or attention. Pretty easy going, especially as I don’t feel the desire to experiment a lot with my hair.

I don’t know when I’ve encountered MY hairdresser for the first time, but ever since I did, I make haircut appointments solely with her. I always was very content with the way she cut my hair and almost more important: she is just a really really nice person to talk to. She is genuinely interested and we got to know each other a bit over the years. Which makes the conversations just so much more enjoyable, because I’m not a big fan of the “weather etc” small talk.
She also cautiously steered me to slight changes in my hairstyle as well and both were excellent choices. First there were highlights (at least during the autumn/winter months). And 2-3 years ago she suggested bangs, which I hadn’t had since the early 1990s. And what can I say? I loved it and still do. Since then I trust her completely with my hair and if she’d suggest something completely new, I’d probably would let her do it without a second thought.

I pay about 50 EUR (= $75) for a normal haircut (Wash, Cut, Dry) and I know I could probably get it much cheaper somewhere else, but I willingly pay that amount 3 or 4 times per year, because to me it’s definitely worth it.

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2 Responses to Hairdresser of (random or true?) choice

  1. LJ says:

    I have hair that with one wrong snip of the scissors has me looking much like Mariah Carey, circa the “Someday” video. When I have a hairdresser, I am loyal to the nth degree.

    I had one woman who did my hair from 7th grade up and through my wedding, save for a few ventures with cheapo cuts in college.

    Here in DC I have a woman who has curly hair herself. She’s into pop culture as well, so we have a blast talking each time I go in. I pay about what you do now, but I admit that when I was younger (and my mom paid) I went into New York City and had my hair cut and colored (and once chemically straightened – ugh) at a swanky salon. The cost was ridiculous, but worth it.

  2. liljan98 says:

    Yes, I can imagine that your hair needs special attention ;-) So it’s good that you managed to find the right person to cut your hair for you.

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