Farewell 2009

This won’t be a “looking back on 2009” post. Well, it kind of will be, but not really. I’m too tired and too lazy to thoroughly think about the past year :-) It hasn’t  been a bad year. It wasn’t great either, it was ok-ish, I guess. It went by much too fast, that’s for sure. I was insanely busy for the most part with all kind of Greens stuff, because three election campaigns within 6 months just take their toll. I didn’t work as much as I wanted for grad school. In fact I should have spend some more time during this christmas vacation to work on the presentation I have to give in February. But at least I sat down and made lots of lists what I have to do in various aspects of my life (work, local politics, grad school). I will get on with doing all this stuff starting January 4th, after I’ve returned from a short trip to Hamburg for New Year’s Eve and the weekend.

This is one of my New Year’s resolutions anyway: To be better organized and to not get side-tracked so often and so easily. I don’t know how I will manage to keep that resolution, but I’m determined to do so. It’s the thought that counts, right? And even though I didn’t do anything for school or work or the local Greens during the last few days, I at least sorted some of the stuff in my apartement. Like finally putting the dozens of CDs I bought in 2009 into the rack, sorted alphabetically. Like finally digitalizing the CDs I bought months ago to put the musi on my iPod to finally listen to it :-) I posted my Movie, TV and book lists of 2009, updated my calender for the next few months (and got annoyed by Google because for some reason my Palm Pre can’t sync to the Google calender now, even though it could to that just a few weeks ago). I also took care of some other stuff, like cancelling magazine subscriptions, which I wanted to do for ages, but never got around to do it. Another thing I can check off my list in 2009. :-)

Another resolution is to get back to the gym, where I haven’t been since September. Luckily so far I haven’t gained any of the weight I lost during the Game On! Diet in September, but I really should get back to working out more regularly. I know I’d feel better, so why don’t I just get my lazy ass off my couch? So, yeah, definitely a resolution for 2010. And of course there is the resolution to post here more regularly. I’m not sure how that’s going to work out. But I’m very determined to do that.

In case I won’t post anything else this year (which I most probably won’t): Have fun on New Year’s Eve and a wonderful start in 2010!

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