Grey's Anatomy 6.11 – "Blink"

I was not really excited about Grey’s coming back after the christmas break, probably because I didn’t like the last few epsiodes that much. Most of them were ok, but they also had some boring and annyoing parts. So I was a bit weary to watch this episode and while I watched it I realized that I really seem to be over my Grey’s addiction. The episode wasn’t really crappy. It wasn’t great television either. It was ok and there were a couple of things I did in fact enjoy. But that’s about it. I don’t even care that much anymore. But I’ve started the tradition of Grey’s review on my blog and even though the show doesn’t impress me that much anymore, I still don’t want to give up that tradition.

The whole Sloan/Sloan storyline was such a waste of my time. I even watched the Private Practice episode, because I hoped there would be something more about the Mark/Lexie breakup, but there wasn’t. I still don’t see the point of the whole daughter/granddaugher story except that the writers needed somebody or something to create drama for the Grey’s characters. And I get that they need some drama and they can’t just let the characters live happily ever after and carefree and all. I just wished they could have find some other way to create that (relationship or any other) drama for Mark and Lexie. I don’t have a problem with their (momentarily?) breakup, because he IS 15 or more years older than her and of course that can be problematic. I just don’t think the daughter had to join the show for that. It is one of the many times that something from a character’s backstory is brought up once and then later completely forgotten about. And more importantly I just didn’t buy the whole “Mark Sloan suddenly being a caring dad” thing. It just doesn’t fit his character at all. At least that’s what I think.

I was surprised by the breakup, because I actually like Mark and Lexie as a couple. But as stated above there is the age gap and it was probably just a matter of time that it would cause some kind of problems. I was even more surprised that Lexie and Alex hooked up again, even though just for this once. What does it say about me that I actually like this kind of development? It is kind of in character for both of them. Lexie did some stupid things in the past and sleeping around is Alex way of dealing with things. I’ve always been a big fan of the Alex/Meredith friendship and I was so happy to see some of that in this episode again. To see Meredith care about her friend Alex and to call him out on his behaviour because she cares.

I didn’t quite get the whole Alex / Reed thing. Did she want to sleep with him in the end, even though she couldn’t do anything during the surgery? Or was she backing out? Which would have surprised me, because she was interested in him for weeks now. But honestly I don’t really care about what she is up to. The same goes for the other Mercy Wester. Still don’t care.

I liked Teddy Altman when she first arrived and I think she in general is a great addition to the staff and a great teacher for Cristina, but I’m so bored by her pining for Owen. I literally can’t stand to see the longing look on her face anymore. Ugh! The end of this storyline surprised me as well. I guess it surprised Teddy and Cristina just as much and it’s going to be interesting to see how this will turn out in the end. Will Cristina break up with Owen? I’m sure Owen is not interested in Teddy, so he won’t get together with her, but it’s going to be interesting to see how he will react to Cristina’s offer to Teddy.

The whole “Find a guy for Bailey” storyline was hilarious! I always enjoy Derek and Bailey interaction and this episode was no exception. The way Bailey turned that guy from radiology down, was so true Bailey style. Great stuff. I also liked how Derek cared about his patient and recognized the real problem and found a way to solve it. I also liked (yes, I’m a fan of Derek, I admit that) that he inquired about Richard Webber and why he doesn’t do surgery anymore. And that he cornered Meredith in the end and got the truth out of her. Finally this storyline is moving forward.

So all in all: Some nice stuff, some ok stuff, some annoying stuff. I guess that’s what Grey’s Anatomy is made of these days…

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2 Responses to Grey's Anatomy 6.11 – "Blink"

  1. LJ says:

    Yeah, I mean, I can’t even care enough to follow and remember what I liked, but I agree with your assessment. Kind of like how the writers’ blog talks about how one day you just change? Granted this has been a long time coming, but last night, I just didn’t care that it was on. I watched, mainly out of habit, andthefactthatPatrickDempseyissodamnedhot, but it felt hollow to me. I recognized the faces, but aside from Bailey’s storyline, I didn’t recall the sounds.

  2. liljan98 says:

    Oh well, you care even less than I do :-) I watched the episode a second time (like I always do) to get all the stuff together for this review. But there was a lot of fast forwarding. Much much more than it used to be even during the first episodes of season 6. Sloan and Sloan, Teddy and Cristina…. *yawn*

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