Welcome 2010 & Happy New Year…

It’s the same question every year… until what day in January is it ok to greet someone with “Happy New Year” when you meet this person for the first time in this new year :-)? As it is my first (of hopefully many posts) I’d say it is ok to use it as a title.

2010 started just like 2009 ended: severly sleep-deprived *yawn*. I should have put getting enough sleep on my list of resolutions :-) I still haven’t figured out how to blog more or how to write more meaningful posts, but I have another 361 days to figure it out, right? When I have caught up with all the sleep I’ve missed so far. I really shouldn’t have started to watch the World Jr hockey game last night, but I wanted to see how the Swiss were doing against Canada, after they – the Swiss – had beaten Russia, which was quite the surprise. I still went to bed after the 2nd period though, when Canada lead 3:1 and of course they managed to score some more in the 3rd.

I’m next on the snow shovel duty sheet (or whatever you want to call the arrangement we have in our apartement building), so I got up really early (early in my eyes at least) this morning just to see that no snow fell during the night. Which means I have to get up really early for the next couple of days until I’ve fulfilled my shovelling duty one day. Next snowfall is supposed to happen on the weekend… of course, why should I be able to sleep in on the weekend? On the other hand… I won’t be able to sleep in too long anway, because I’m a volunteer at the huge opening event of the European Capital of Culture on Saturday and Sunday. I really have no clear idea what to expect there, but I’m looking forward to it nonetheless.

More things to look forward to in the near future: Avatar 3D tomorrow, spending a weekend with some friends in mid-January, watching Olympic hockey on TV in February (even though that will result in severe lack of sleep again) , concerts on March 12th, March 19th and probably on April 22nd. Diana Gabaldon / Outlander event at the LitCologne on March 16th. I’m planning to squeeze in a few days in London in April as well, not for any special occassion, but just for the fun of it.

The huge event to look forward to in 2010 is still some time away, but that means there’ll be so much more happy anticipation until it happens. The 2 week Indian Summer vacation with some friends, starting on September 25th. Some of us spent New Years Eve together in Hamburg and booking the flight to Montreal was kind of the first thing we did on New Year’s Day, once we were awake enough to think clearly. A year can’t start much better than confirming the most wonderful vacation plans…

So besides the lack of sleep, we had a really really great time in Hamburg. Happy New Year’s Eve and Day indeed. I can’t remember ever laughing so much during a New Year’s Eve Party. Well, it wasn’t really a party, just seven women getting together: eating, drinking, watching lots of TV and having lots and lots of fun during all of it. Who needs sleep anyway… ?

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