Grey's Anatomy 6.13 – "State of Love and Trust"

Wow, that was another enjoyable Grey’s episode. What a surprise… Ok, I should stop being cynical, because I really did enjoy this episode. Lowering my expections seems to work wonders on my perception of Grey’s Anatomy.

Of course there were a few things I enjoyed less than others, but there wasn’t a single storyline, event, behaviour that had me cringing in front of my TV. Well, except maybe the whole Mark/Lexie story to some extent. I like them together, but I’m already bored by their not-talking and their moping and being mad at each other. They should just get a grip, deal with their relationship problems and get back together. I’m already so over their whole drama. That must have been what most of the viewers, who weren’t hardcore MerDer fans, felt like during season 3 – 5. *g*

Richard Webber still gets on my nerves. I guess the writers really managed to ruin his character in my eyes, just like they did with Izzie Stevens. I understand that the Richard has a hard time to admit to his problems and to understand why Derek did, what he did, but I don’t really have it in me to feel sorry for him. Well, I did a bit, in the scene with Bailey, but probably because it was Bailey who said all those things to him. We can count on Bailey to say the right things and be a friend, wether it’s Webber or Derek. What would they do without her voice of reason?

I’m not sure what to think of Owen’s way to deal with the whole Cristina/Teddy problem. I understand that he wants Cristina to let him in and to be committed to their relationship, but he is doing it the completely wrong way. But maybe it’s the only way he can think of. I don’t mind kissing and groping and having sex on the show, but that was too much even for my taste. (Or maybe it just felt like it, because it wasn’t Meredith and Derek, who were kissing and groping and having sex ;-) I understand his frustration, because Cristina is indeed a person who is very hard to get to know. The fact that she hadn’t told Owen about Burke yet? Typical for her, but really not a thing you should keep from the man you love. So, there definitely is going to be much more drama for those two. But I don’t mind, because at least it feels so much more like the old Grey’s Anatomy than a lot of other episodes this season. It always has been a show about the personal lifes of the characters after all. And even though I’m not the biggest Cristina fan (probably because she’s not a bit like me) I enjoyed seeing more of her and finding out about why she feels and acts the way she does.

There wasn’t that much of my favourite couple, but what I saw, I liked a lot. Even though they had a fight and still might disagree on something, they’re dealing with it in a grown-up way. No running. Nice for a change and I really like the tiny glimpse of ordinary maritial life, like when she brings him coffee or sits with him in his office.
I always like when Derek plays a vital role in an episode so this was no exception. I especially enjoyed (even though “enjoy” might be the wrong term) to see him struggle in his new position as chief of surgery. He came to Seattle to become chief and he had to wait so long for it and to make some sacrifice (his friendship to Richard, at least temporarily). And now that he has reached his goal and it seems like he bit off more than he can chew. Because the chief job isn’t an easy one and I think Derek underestimated it. I just enjoyed seeing McDreamy being human (like the rest of us *g*) and having to struggle for once. (Ok, he did have to struggle back in season 5 when Jen died on his table and all, but still). But why did he have to hire back some more of the superfluos surgical staff, which I was so happy to have gotten rid off earlier this season ;-)?

I really enjoyed the male bonding between Derek/Mark/Owen in his new office. We need more of that! The whole scene with Cristina’s sex injury felt a lot like the scene in season 1, when George needs a shot because he’s got syphilis. Putting that recycling vibe aside, I totally cracked up about it. The writers still know how to write hilarious scenes and dialogue. Even though if I was bored by the whole Mark/Lexie drama, I enjoyed the Callie/Mark scenes a lot because I just I love their friendship. And the “threesome” in the end was totally cracking me up. Nice reminicensce to the George/Izzie/Mer in bed moments in season 1 and 2.

Did I mention before how much I love Alex? I’m sure I did, but I just have to say it once more: He is so awesome. I loved how grumpy he was at first, when Arizona suggested working in Peds and how fast he totally got into it and how great he is at his job. Aside from his bedside manner towards the boy’s parents, but I’m sure he’ll be working on that. Even back in season 5, when he worked with Arziona on a couple of cases, I enjoyed seeing them work together. Probably because I like Arizona and because she recognized rather fast, what an amazing doctor Alex Karev is (or can be, when he wants to be) and she encourages him to be that doctor. She sees the good in him and I just love her for that.

And then there was Bailey and a patient awake on the table. I know these things can happen during surgery, so it probably was just a matter of time, since they used that for a storyline on Grey’s. I really don’t want to imagine what it must feel like to wake up during a surgery like that. No wonder that woman was traumatized. But so obviously was Bailey, especially by the patient’s reaction.
Some time ago I read about the new possible love interest for Bailey and I liked the idea, but forgot about it pretty quicky. So it took me a while to connect the dots in this episode. Until he came to Bailey and explained why the patient was awake in the first place. I liked the way he dealt with the whole issue. I liked him even more in the OR during the 2nd surgery and the way he coaxed an apology (or something like that) out of Bailey. It’s going to be interesting what (if anything) will happen between those two. And because he seems like a nice guy (and Bailey finally deserves some nice guy who understands her job!!) I’m not bothered too much by yet another addition to the staff (and cast).

So, all in all. Enjoyable episode with lots of Derek. And Alex, Arizona, Bailey, Callie… all my favourites and not too much of boring or annoying stuff. It seems like Grey’s Anatomy might get back on track after a underwhelming first half of season 6.

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  1. Lillibelle says:

    After the last episode I wasn’t quite so optimistic what to expect from the next episodes. But apparently I lowered my expectations as well, because I actually enjoyed the episode ;-)
    I have nothing to add since I agree with you on most/all points.

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