I'm so so sick of this weather!!

If I could I would definitely be hibernating till the end of March. I’m so so sick of this weather. I usually love snow. As long as it stays white and fluffy. But as soon as the cars drive through it or people walk over the snowcovered earth, the winter wonderland starts to disolve. Add a rise in temperatures, partially melted snow, new snow/rain and it all turns into just one big nasty mess! Ugh! Hate, hate, hate it today!

The stress of the business trip last week might have shot my immune system, because since I got back on Sunday I’ve got a nasty cold. I stopped counting how many Kleenex I already needed today and the day isn’t over yet. This all of course messes with my plan to keep working on that presentation, I have to give in 10 days. I just can’t concentrate on that at the moment, especially not after a day at work and getting back home on public transport in this nasty weather. Today I obviously couldn’t even remember which metro line I have to get on to get to the university library nor to get my umbrella of the floor when I had to change trains on my way back home. *headdesk* When I got off at my station I wanted to take a taxi home, just to hear that there are no free taxis available for the next 30 minutes. Of course due to the weather conditions bus service was shut down as well, so I had to walk home (without umbrella) after all. Ugh!

I’ve got tomorrow off work (except for a work meeting in the evening) so I will hopefully be able to get some stuff down at the “home office” tomorrow. And I should use tonight to update our work website, because the CMS didn’t work properly at the office, ever since IT updated to IE 7. Why can’t they just install Firefox as well, because the CMS is working fine with Firefox. That’s why I have to update the site from here. And I shouldn’t postpone that till tomorrow as well.

But after that I’ll just will crawl onto my comfy armchair, wrap the comfy blanket around me and watch another Rupert Everett movie ;-) I just finished reading his autobiography “Red Carpets and other Banana Skins” and enjoyed it very much. It was confusing to keep tab on the various persons (actors, agents, make-up staff, friends, family…) he mentions throughout the book. But it was entertaining nonetheless. I watched “My Best Friend’s Wedding” last night and will watch “An Ideal Husband” tonight. The only two movies I own or could get my hands on on this short notice. Catching up with my TV series will have to wait yet another day, because my mind is just not alert enough to take in and follow the “White Collar” story right now. “Brothers & Sisters” might work. But I’ll probably prefer Rupert tonight anyway.

I just realize that the first thing I have to do tomorrow is watching LOST ;-) I read all episode synopsis online today and hopefully will be able to follow the new events tomorrow. It’s going to be an extremly exciting last season, that’s for sure.

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3 Responses to I'm so so sick of this weather!!

  1. LJ says:

    yep, I hear you. We’re about to get snow tonight and another storm over the weekend. DC got maybe 2″ last year total, and this year, ugh. TOO MUCH. I’m over it, and ready for spring. I hate the lack of sunlight and all of it.

    At least Lost is on tonight, so that’ll be good, assuming I can stay awake.

    Sorry your day sucked, it really is a crummy time of year.

  2. Lillibelle says:

    I join the club, can’t see any snow anymore. What said a colleague today: “Why is it snowing again? There is still snow, no need for more!”
    Driving home today was an awkward experience: Happy guessing where the right lane is, getting too near to some other cars (at least for my taste) and don’t forget the slippery roads, can’t wait till tomorrow morning …

  3. suz says:

    I guess in the old days we’d call this winter.

    I mean, really, girls walking around in high heels in this weather and complaining, that’s a real laugh, if you ask me. The guy who rang into the radio last night letting people in Kiel know that Hamburg has about 80cm of snow – gee, no one who’s ever actually seen 80cm would never claim that. He’d probably measured by length.

    I’m not too sick of the weather. I’m just getting increasingly annoyed by people who call for spring when clearly we’re at least another eight weeks away from it. If you can’t fight it, join it! Look at the positive things of it – my flat has never looked airier with the reflections of the snow from buildings across the road. I spent the weekend on the Alster – I’d never thought to see the day! This city is not only beautiful in the rain, it boast with sheer romance in this weather. (I guess a positive look on things would change any city to an adventure ride)

    And I’m saying this although I work on my thesis 24/7 with trips to the library, so it’s not just cozy stay-at-home-stuff – I do get a fair dose of this weather, too. And to be frank, Hamburg authorities are not exactly experts when it comes to clearing roads. I haven’t seen one snow removal thingy. Take it easy, it’s worth it, saves ya heaps of valuable energy :)

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