IV 1 & Olympics

I actually wanted to write a post much earlier today, but I once again got distracted. So, just a short recap.

The test results at my neurologist and his assessment confirmed the current attack. Funny thing is that according to some results and tests the right leg is more affected than the left, even though it doesn’t like to me. Not at all. The left definitely is much weaker, that was confirmed by a test as well. Without further ado I started with a treatment corticoidsteroids IVs. Of course some of the side-effects appeared quiet fast, but all in all it wasn’t as bad as it was during former attacks. The annyoing metallic taste in my mouth even isn’t as strong as it used to be.
I’m not (yet) feeling that restless either. My heart’s not racing. Yay me! But on the other hand I don’t feel tired at all. I don’t really feel hyper or overly active either, but I’m not sure if I could fall asleep if I went to bed now. I almost certainly don’t want to, because I want to watch the Canada – Norway hockey game in approx 90 minutes and I’m not sure if I’d be able to get up once I’ve definitely fallen asleep. I might be reasonable enough to try to get some sleep (or at least rest) anyway. I don’t feel any improvements regarding my symptoms yet, but I know that it wasn’t to expect after day 1 any way…

I got out of the practice around 12:30 PM, had to go to my university (in the same town, thank God) to return some textbooks. Books that helped me to get a 95/100 grade on a presentation. (Just had to boast again, forgive me). I spent some time at my Mom’s, when I got home. To let her know how I’m doing, to get fed ;-), to catch up with stuff and all. When I got back to my place, I actually was motivated to get some work stuff done. Yay me! Maybe that’s at least one positive sideeffect of the meds. But then I got sucked into the Olympics again, of course. Gold Medal for German Magdalena Neuner at the 10 km Biathlon. Yay Manuela! The German men did a great job at their race as well. Michi Greis raced from the 21st rank to the 6th place. Yay Michi! I also had to follow the German Hockey league online: My Cologne Sharks lost. Again. It sucks at the moment! What else was there? The first men’s hockey game: USA – SUI. The USA won rightfully, I will admit that, but their victory wasn’t really a surprise was it? I was pretty impressed by the Swiss performance, I’m sure they’ll make it to 1/4 finals.

I’m watching the women’s snowboard cross event right now. It’s not quite as exciting and entertaining as the men’s race yesterday, but it’s still such an awesome sport to begin with. Because it’s fast and to some extent unpredictable and it can all change in an instant. Did I mention it’s fast? Well, yes it is. And now the final is over and I LOVE how much the gold and silver medal winner celebrate. With each other and their teams and the fans. Such joy!

I really should try to get some rest now. A tiny winy bit at least…

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