More good than bad news…

My neurologist’s practice was closed today. WTF? There wasn’t any kind of notice and it most probably was due to “Rosenmontag” (Carnival Monday), even though Carnival isn’t really such a big event in the county I live in. But when I stood in front of the closed doors I remembered that even in my hometown shops are closed in the afternoon and a lot of docs don’t even open. Too bad though, that I couldn’t start my corticosteroids treatment today already.

I used the time I didn’t spend at the practice with finally starting to write my Grey’s review. Which took me quite a while, but that might be due to a lot of distractions throughout the day. Oh, and the presentation I gave during the weekend seminar was already evaluated and graded. I got 95% which equals “A” in the ECTS scale and something like 1,3 in the german scale. Yay! I didn’t get full marks for the composition of the presentation itself, because there was too much text and information on some of the slides. But I aced all the other aspects, which made up the final evaluation. Double Yay! This definitely boost my motivation to start working on the final assignment for the other class I’ve signed on for at the moment.

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