A few random thoughts…

It started to snow again today. Not much but still. All I have to say is… WTF ?!?!? I’m so ready for spring. Or even better.. summer!

Had a busy and long day at work and didn’t find any time to even think about the termpaper. I’ve got 8 more days. Still haven’t written a thing. I really have to stop with the reading and start with pinning down some ideas.

I got up very early this morning to watch Grey’s before I had a doctor’s appointment and had to head to work. That lead to me being really tired right now, but I still want to write my review tonight, because I really want to only work on the termpaper tomorrow.

Besides the stress and long hours at work it actually was a good day. I found perfect spots the two times I had to park the car today. And I finally got my grades for the last paper I handed in last November. 82/100 points (=B or 1,9). Yay me! I lacked the points at exactly the parts of the paper, which I already knew myself weren’t that good. So I’m perfectly happy with this result.

My Cologne Sharks lost again tonight *sigh*

And now I’m off to watch Grey’s again…

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