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And it’s yet another day and it’s already 7.30 PM before I can even consider working on my termpaper. Ok, I could have started with that right away, when I got home around 5.30 PM, but I definitely had to clean my dishes first and put a load of laundry into the washer. And catch up with tweets and blogs and stuff. But to avoid cutting the studying short in order to write another blogpost I write the post first so I don’t have any excuses later…

While I was moping about the stressful life yesterday I completely forgot about all the nice events that I DO have lined up for the near future already. Probably because I bought the tickets or made the plans months ago and it almost slipped my mind that these events are right ahead of me in the next two weeks:

12 March: Sunrise Avenue – unplugged concert
16 March: Diana Gabaldon reading from the latest Outlander novel in Cologne
19 March: Livingston concert

In about 5 weeks (mid-April) I’m off to London for a few days. In early May there will be the icehockey worldchampionship in Germany. And this afternoon I bought a ticket for a concert on 13 May in Cologne. One I never thought I’d actually be able to attend here in Germany, so I’m overly excited and really looking forward to it. And I’m glad that I choose to cancel all of the subscription on myspace blogs in order to use RSS feeds of those blogs in order to get the news in my feedreader. Because I just found out about this concert in during that process:

Brandi Carlile will be playing three shows in Germany in May and one of those in a small club Cologne! *squeeeee* Ever since I got to know her music via Grey’s Anatomy I really wanted to see her in concert one day. She writes such beautiful songs and has got such a great voice and I just wanted to see and hear and experience her live on stage. I never thought this would actually happen, because she isn’t know here in Germany at all. Yet at least, but that might change now :-)
While I was at it I also bought a ticket for a Runrig concert on 27 August. Still a couple of months away, but definitely something I also am looking forward to. To sing “Loch Lomond” with thousands of other fans is going to be amazing and the rest of the concert will probably fun as well.

I had a yummy lunch at Vapiano, broke my resolution for Lent to stay away from Starbucks (it’s so easy to make me happy, I admit it), will now finish this post with the meme I already mentioned yesterday, take care of some more chores and then spend some more time studying. My TV show will have to wait till… welll some day in the very near future :-)

Lyric guessing meme stolen from _takemeaway_

Put your music library on shuffle. Post the first lines of the first 25 songs that come up. The game: Guess which songs the first lines are from. Google = cheating.

I admit I skipped some of the music, which made it to my music library for reasons I don’t even know and which I haven’t listened to once. I also skipped when shuffle chose a third song of a band/singer which was already in this meme… I’d say you’ll probably easily will guess half of it… (comments in both of my blogs combined of course. And don’t cheat *g*)

01. I saw your name in the telephone book as someone unlisted, somone unknown
“Aeroplane”, Reamonn (guessed by bbirgit on my livejournal)

02. Du merkst nicht wie die Tage vergehn, auch wenn es so scheint, sie bleiben nicht stehen
“Nichts bleibt für die Ewigkeit”, Die Toten Hosen (guessed by bbirgit on my livejournal)

03. Hey Du, bleib stehen, ich weiß wohin du gehst
“Wie am ersten Tag”, Die Ärzte (guessed by bbirgit on my livejournal)

04. Throw open all the doors, there’s a warm wind blowing through

05. I try to discover, a little something to make me sweeter
“A Little Respect”, Erasure/Wheatus (guessed by Hai_di in  my livejournal)

06. Now listen, I think you and me have come to the end of our time

07. Whispering voices in my head, sounds like they’re calling my name
“Pushed Again”, Die Toten Hosen (guessed by Hai_di in my livejournal)

08. Save me from drowning in the sea, beat me up on the beach
“The Road to Mandalay”, Robbie Williams (guessed by Lillibelle)

09. He was a flyer for the Airforce on a plane from San Antonio

10. “Wait right here” is all she said to me and so right here I stay

11. Du hast’n Schatten im Blick, dein Lachen ist gemalt
“Flugzeuge im Bauch”, Herbert Grönemeyer (guessed by oceans77 and also by bbirgit on my livejournal)

12. Dream on you boys, I know it feels cold around now

13. I can’t keep up with myself anymore

14. I’m lying here, thinking, all night long, something good is going on

15. Willst du noch bei mir sein, nicht nur so tun als ob
“Die Welt steht still”,  Revolverheld
(guessed by Hai_di in my livejournal)

16. Sommartider, jag känner det är någonting på gång

17. I feel so extraordinary, something’s got a hold on me

18. Let’s dance in style, let’s dance for a while, heaven can wait, we’re only watching the skies.
“Forever Young”, Alphaville (guessed by Lillibelle)

19. By the time spring comes, I’ve carved my heart out, roll up in a bag, put it far out of sight

20. Here alone, standing barefoot in our lawn

21. I knitted you a hat all blue and gold
“The Hat”, Ingrid Michaelson (guessed by _takemeaway_ in my livejournal)

22. Sad like a melody sung by a symphony striking a chord
“Amelia”, Matthew Perryman Jones (guessed by oceans77)

23. Well, her face is a map of the world, is a map of the world
“Suddenly I See”, KT Tunstall (guessed by Lindsay and also by _takemeaway_ in my livejournal)

24. Starry nights, city lights, coming down over me

25. We’ll do it all, everything, on our own
“Chasing Cars”, The Fray (guessed by _takemeaway_ in my livejournal)

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5 Responses to Another Musical Post…

  1. oceans77 says:

    Wow, super, ich kenne die 11 – Flugzeuge im Bauch. Große Überraschung *g*. Klaue aber mal dreist das Meme :).

  2. oceans77 says:

    Darf ich nochmal? Nr. 22 könnte Matthew Perryman Jones sein, Amelia. Hihi, den hab ich auch dazwischen.

  3. liljan98 says:

    Bingo. In deiner Liste ist auch MPJ? Ups, den hätte ich doch erkennen müssen…

  4. L says:

    She puts on a PHENOMENAL show. You will enjoy it!

    23 is “Suddenly I See” by KT Tunstall

  5. Lillibelle says:

    Nr. 8 Robbie Williams – Bankräuberlied (Road to Mandalay – den Titel an sich musste ich allerdings googlen, mir fiel nur bambambamba … ein)
    Nr. 18 Alphaville – Forever young

    7 und 10 kommen mir auch bekannt vor …

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