Grey's Anatomy 6.19 – "Sympathy For The Parents"

Wow! A Grey’s episode I actually very much enjoyed. Ok, there were moments which annoyed me and I guess there never will be a 100% enjoyable episode again with all the new characters around. But all in all it was so much better than a lot of episodes recently. Definitely MUCH better than last week.

I’ll start with the annoying parts, which luckily didn’t play a vital part in this episode. The Mercy Wester drooling over Derek. Seriously? Such a stupid an unnecessary storyline. It was out of the blue and her behaviour was so exaggerated. And why did Lexie have to be the one to actually to stop the machines of the coma patient, when the Mercy Wester was the resident on that case as well?
Lexie is getting on my nerves recently. I usually don’t mind her rambles that much but it was just too much this time, when she blabbed about the wedding and cancer and all that. I liked the moment with Mark though and I really hope they will get back together in the long run. I actually like both of them much better when they are together. Strange, I know, but that’s just the way it is.

Still don’t know what to think of Mark and Teddy. Maybe they don’t know what to think about their relationship themselves. I don’t think either of them is over the former love (Owen/Lexie) so it’s basically just a rebound, whatever they might say otherwise. I hate that Sloan Junior returned to Seattle. Ugh! I was so glad we got rid of her and that storyline. That’s the one thing that doesn’t make me look forward too much to next week’s episode. I also don’t care very much (or not at all) about the not-happening babytalk between Callie and Arizona. But at least it provided some entertainment in the form of Mark Sloan rolling his eyes and coming up with the term “pounding the cake” *g*

I liked that Teddy tried to be there for Cristina and Owen or to coach Cristina how to handle Owen in this state he is in. She is trying to “unring the bell” after all. But I still can imagine that sooner or later Owen will have a weak moment and something will happen between him and Teddy. I’d feel really sorry for Cristina, because she clearly loves Owen. On the other hand I just wish she could have a normal relationship with a normal guy for once. When Owen first showed up in Seattle he was such a nice change from Burke, who was a difficult person himself. But now Owen turned into a similar (even though different) difficult to deal with person and I just feel sorry for Cristina. Why does her lovelife has to be so difficult? By now I almost wish she’d dump Owen (and all his PTSD) and maybe hook up with pretty boy Jackson Avery. At least he seems to be normal and uncomplicated :-)

Besides all that I really enjoyed this episode. I especially liked that after a long time this felt like an episode with a theme. Something that connected all the patient and character storylines. It felt complete and made sense. If that makes sense to any of you :-) I just hope that some of the things we or the characters learned or talked about will be a part of the future episodes as well. The MerDer baby talk for example. Which was really cute. But knowing the show like I do, I doubt that that will ever be a topic again. Or that we might see or hear more about Alex family. But we might… Who knows? Yes, I’m a crazy optimist.
So it was a pleasure to watch this episode, because a large part was about characters I deeply care about. Alex. Meredith. Bailey. Even Cristina. Their scenes were just so wonderful and it felt like good old Grey’s Anatomy in these scenes. Because there was no Mercy West resident drooling over Derek and there was no traumatized Owen Hunt.

Ever since it became apparent in late season 1 and especially season 2 that Alex actually was a good guy, I had a thing for him. He is the male Meredith. And I always loved and could relate to dark & twisty Meredith, so I had to love Alex by proxy ;-) But seriously, he always was one of my favourite characters and it was about time we learned a bit more about his background. And what a sad and tragic story that was. Very well written and great acting by Justin Chambers and the guy who played his brother.
And as I love Meredith and Alex, of course I love their scenes together. They share a special bond and it’s always wonderful to see them as friends who take care of each other. The bathroom scene was hilarious! I love how Meredith got all protective of Alex and even tried to stop Bailey from asking too many questions. How she told Lexie to shut up and how she told Alex to walk away after the fight. Their moment on the couch in the end was really sweet, too.

One of my favourite moments in this episode probably was when Cristina met Aaron for the first time. “Oh my God! You’re so nice. (to Alex) Why can’t you be nice like your brother?” LOL. Classic Cristina! And Bailey was pure awesomeness again in this episode. I’ve missed this Bailey and I’m glad she’s back. The scene at the childcare center, when Alex asked her to the pro-bono-surgery, was wonderful. “I would have done it anyway, but he just kept talking” LOL! Her speech about the right time to have a child was great as well. She is such a momma-bear and cares not just about little Tucker but about all her kids (=interns) so of course she did the surgery. And of course she was impressed, that Alex turned out to be the good guy he is actually is. And by the way how cute was it to see Alex navigate among the kids and tiny chairs and all.

There probably would be a few more memorable and enjoyable moments to write about, but I’ve already watched the episode twice and I’m determined to not watch it for a third time but post this review as it is…

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  1. janelle says:

    i agree with most of what u said here. i loved this ep much more than most of the past ones in season 6 too. hope it keeps getting better.

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