It’s A Good Old Hockey Game…

Totally cheating again, because it’s already the 13th while I’m typing this, but this post belongs to the 12th and I still haven’t figured out how to send them from my phone. And I’d say on happy days cheating a little (it’s just a date after all ;-) ) has to be allowed!
Contrary to what I wrote yesterday, it would have been very possible to end the preliminary round as 1st in group D. I hadn’t considered that the goals we (might) score against Denmark, would right way lower their goal difference (GD). So we (balanced GD) only had to win against them (+4 GD) with a 2 goal difference. Thus we’d have the same GD and as we would have beaten them in the game against each other we’d move ahead.

Well… that’s what we did. We won 3:1 and for a while were leading in group D. Wow! I think no one had ever expected THAT to happen. I honestly didn’t expect to hear our national anthem again this week and to see our boys leave the ice as winners!!

Finland beat USA in the second game, so Finland took the lead from us in the end, but we didn’t care that much. Because the dates scheduldes in the qualifying round for games of 2nd in our group, were much more convienent for Hai_di and me *g* We managed to get tickets for 2 of the 3 games of the qualifying round on Saturday and Sunday night.

If all goes well (i.e. as should be expected) Russia will end up as #1 in group A and we’ll see the game RUS – GER on Saturday. Alexander Ovechkin!!! On the ice in Cologne!! And as we’ve got standing room tickets, which are behind the goals and close to the ice, he’ll be just a few meters away! *squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee* The mere fact of him being so close might turn me into a crazy Ovie fangirl, which I haven’t actually been yet. I like him a lot, but… I don’t know. I guess there’ll be a long hockey / Ovie post on Sunday either way.

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