Day 2

The meds already seem to show some effect. The “pins and needles / sand in my shoes” feeling is a bit decreased already. Some of the side effects aren’t has noticable as they have been during recent IV treatment. My tastebud are working more or less as always (yay!), but the lack of sleep is already troubling me. Especially the well know shizophrenic situation, that my body actually is really tired, but my heart is beating awfully fast and my mind won’t get some rest either. I’ll be lying down in a few minutes and hopefully catch a few hours of sleep. I might be back in the middle of the night though. Maybe then I’ll start posting the post I wanted to start posting today, but then I was too lazy and distracted by watching MerDer recaps on youtube. It’s so comfortable to be able to do that with the netbook and wi-fi anywhere in my flat or my patio. I also did some grocery shopping and laundry as well though, so I wasn’t as unproductive as I could have been.

I just got back from the movies, where I’ve watched “Prince of Persia”. A movie that totally met my expectation. These were low to begin with, so I wasn’t disappointed and actually enjoyed it quite a lot. The action and fighting scences kept me awake and my tired brain (even if it can’t really slow down it still is tired) couldn’t have handled more than this simple story, simple dialogue, simple characters anyway. And Jake Gyllenhaal was delicious to look at. Perfect eye-candy for me. So yes, just what I had expected. Wouldn’t mind if he visited me in my dreams tonight ;-)

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