I didn’t feel too bad yesterday on the day after the last IV. The symptoms have lessened quite a lot, which I’m grateful for and which is the only thing makes the whole corticoidsteroid IV bearable. Because today? I feel crappy! Really crappy! I was doing fine yesterday throughout most of the day and already in the afternoon took some ibuprofen to help with the severe muscle pain of the corticoidsteroids withdrawel. It helped more or less and after dropping off Bro#3 at a friends and getting some groceries I tried to get comfortable at home. Took another ibuprofen, had dinner, watched the worldcup, went to bed early. I slept alright until around 3 AM when I had to take something for the pain again.

I usually do better on the 2nd day after the IVs, but this doesn’t seem to be the case this time. I woke up early and felt rather well rested (still in some pain though) and got a few tiny things done this morning. But around noon it just hit me again. My body still hurt and I felt dizzy, I felt sick to my stomach, my heart was (and still is) pounding heavily and I feel like the blood is all rushing to my head and it might explode anytime soon. Ugh! I hate that! I spend some time at my Mom’s this afternoon just to be in some company and now I’m back home, still feeling crappy and wallowing in self-pity. This really really sucks!

I didn’t take any painkillers all day, but I’ve just popped some paracetamol now, in the hopes that maybe that will work, if the ibuprofen didn’t do the trick yesterday! And then I’ll be snuggeling in my comfy loungechair in a few moments and watching Team Germany’s first match at the worldcup on TV. They better not screw this up! I need some good news tonight. (And I’m not even a real football fan, but it’s the worldcup, so….).

The one thing that helped me through this crappy day? Listening to the epic lovestory of  Claire and Jamie :-) I’m still (or better all over again) so in love with this couple. The next chapter will be the wedding night, so definitely something to look forward to. During the intermission or after the match.

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