Abstract of Week 2010/32

I did, saw, read, listened, watched, learned, thought etc more than it’s stated in this list, of course. But this is a quite a good glimpse into my every-day-life this past week.

|First| using a MetroRadRuhr bike.

|Last| receiving weekly newsletter with flat offers for my query.

|Old| Memories of my time in Stockholm in 1997 / 1998.

|New| Crayons. [For highlighting stuff according to its reference to different parts of my termpaper]

|Bought| Too much chocolate. [“Mars Planets” again to be exact. I’m such an addict…]

|Thrown Away| Food past it’s “best before…” date.

|Started| Working on my termpaper for more than just 15 minutes in a row.

|Finished| Listening to the “Dragonfly in Amber” audiobook.

|Planned| More of my Stockholm trip

|Saw| A beautiful bride and a dashing groom getting married.

|Thought| “Stop bitching!” [not myself, but people around me]

|Words| Skimming through “Lightning Strikes Twice” to get a clear idea for my Meredith/Stewart prompt for AriaAdagios’s raffle

|Tunes| Just relax, it’s what Jesus would do…” and quite some more of good old newlywed Mr. Williams.

|Moving Pictures| Kiss & Kill. Sherlock 1.03.

|Term| Monomorphemic.

|Sound| Ticking of my wall clock.

|Sight| Rainbow bubbles.

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2 Responses to Abstract of Week 2010/32

  1. LJ says:

    Love the picture! And what, wasn’t my prompt on her LJ good enough ;)?

  2. liljan98 says:

    Your prompt would have been fine, if it had included, that the alien actually IS Stewart, who was turned into said alien by a bad witch 200 years ago and can only be rescued by … ehm, I don’t know… the baby you mentioned ? Stewart is a MUST for any new Aria story :-)

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