Hejdå Stockholm…

The suitcase is more or less packed and I’m almost ready to go to bed. Yes, at 9 pm, because I’m once again pretty exhausted and my flight leaves at 7.30 am tomorrow. Which means I have to leave at the hotel between 5 and 5.30 am. Ugh! I also seem to have gotten a cold over the last few days. A little one, but a cold nonetheless. It will make flying so much fun tomorrow. :-( Or maybe it won’t bother me that much after all.

I can’t believe the 4 days in Stockholm are already over. I haven’t been to all the places I wanted to go to. I guess I have to come back some day. Soon. And then I will try to not see the same favourite places all over again, but try some new ones. But I enjoyed it very much this time and I’m glad I have been back to this wonderful city.

Photos and some real vacation reports will follow some time next week. At least I hope I’ll manage to post them next week :-)

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