Lot of space to get lost in ;-)

Yesterday I heard complaints about my overlong blog posts ;-) No, I’m kidding, there were no complaints, really. Just stating a fact. Anyway I’m not writing much recently anyway. Maybe because I don’t have that much to tell. Or because I post these tidbits of information or momentary thoughts on twitter. Probably also because I lack the determination to finish any thing I start at the moment. Ugh, I really hate that about myself at the moment, but I seem to just not be able to  finish a half written post or to write a complete post from a few notes I jotted down somewhere. Serious writer’s block, I guess.

So I think I’ll try to get back into some kind of blogging routine and write about what kept my mind busy over the last two weeks.

I signed the lease for my new flat yesterday. Yay me! When I moved out of my mother’s house all those years ago, when I got my first job after university and all, money was tight and I couldn’t afford a big place. I only had a temp job and all. Anyway, I’ve been living in a  34 m² one-room-apartement for years and I didn’t mind it that much for most of the time. Most of all it’s the lack of storage space that’s starting to bother me. And of course that it’s just one room to sleep and work and watch TV and all. But most of all the lack of space to put stuff. Like books!
So I was thinking about getting a bigger place even last year, but I’m a bit limited regarding the location, because I don’t own a car, so I need to live close to the train station and the city center and preferably close to my family’s home, because I can borrow their cars, whenever I need one. I wasn’t actively looking for a new flat yet, because I need a few more months to save the money I need to complete my master’s degree. And I had planned a vacation in the fall and it would suck to maybe have to move right before that, if I had found a suitable flat. So, I only kind of put the thought out there to the grapevine. Friends and such. One of those told her parents about it and asked them to think of me, when a suitable flat might get vacant in one of the few buildings her parents own in our small town.
Two weeks ago my friend’s mom called me and asked if I was still looking and when she explained which flat in which building was available I already knew that this would be my new flat. My friend and her husband had lived in that building for 2 years a few (well, now it’s actually already quite a few) years ago, so I knew the basic floor plan of these flats. The location is perfect for me, even better than where I’m living in at the moment. Rent and all the utility costs are a bit higher than I actually would have planned if I had set a limit for myself, but the location and the good condition of the flat are making up for it.
I actually could have chosen between two similar flats and I chose the one which need less work to get it ready for me to move in :-) I can keep the floor covering and basically just have to paint the walls. Well and put up new lamps and cupboards and all the additional furniture. Which I still have to buy over the next few months. Bookshelves. Lots and lots of bookshelves. A dresser and maybe an additional wardrobe for my bedroom. A sofa or better a sofa bed so I can finally have some guests over night. And a coffee table for that sofa. For my living room. I guess I have to get used to talk about various rooms in my flat ;-).  It’s a 60 m², two large rooms (both about 17 m²), a large kitchen, and an ordinary sized (small) bathroom. Lot of space to get lost in ;-)

It’s probably going to be a busy few weeks until November. Looking for additional furniture. Convincing Bro3 to start painting the walls while I’m on vacation in Canada/USA in late September/early October. Putting most of my stuff into boxes before I go on vacation. Moving all the stuff. Put up the new furniture. Unpack all the boxes. Getting settled into my new home. Oh, I’m already looking forward to that and I can’t wait. I just hope all the preparation don’t keep me too busy and distracted from all the other stuff on my agenda ;-)

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2 Responses to Lot of space to get lost in ;-)

  1. LJ says:

    Very exciting to move, I can’t wait to see pictures.

    And yeah, I feel like I twitter anything I want to blog, leaving me nothing to blog about. Somehow you do a good job of it though!

  2. liljan98 says:

    I sometimes miss blogging. But most of the times I’m just too lazy :-)

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