Not in vacation mood yet…

Usually this would be a “I’m off for a (short) vacation” post. But as I’m taking my netbook with me this time, because I might have to reply to some work emails on Thursday and Friday, I’m not really offline. There is wi-fi at the hotel and I didn’t buy my small netbook a few months ago for no reason, did I? I even didn’t written down a list of all the things I want to see, but used a communitywalk map instead. For the first time and only because I knew I could be online in the mornings to quickly look up various details for the things I might to on that day. And it feels like I did not really make a lot of detailed plans for the 4-day-stay anyway. Oh well, I have the complete 2 hours flight tomorrow evening to think about what I will do first on Thursday.
The weather forecast screwed with the vague kind of plan I had for the first day anyway, because it’s expected to be 15 °C and raining. So not what Stockholm in the summer should be *sigh* But there are tons of old and new museums I can and want to visit so I guess I’ll start with that and will do the “just strolling around” on the weekend.
I haven’t been super excited about this trip for the last few days, probably because I had other things on my mind. But I just checked-in for the flight tomorrow evening (to save me the time at the airport tomorrow) and now I’m starting to be excited. At least a little bit :-) Maybe the fact that I have to be at the office tomorrow keeps me from getting in the happy excited travel mood.

But I’m sure once I’ll be roaming the alleys of Gamla Stan or be visiting the moose in Skansen I’ll be so so happy to be back in town.

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  1. LJ says:

    Have a phenomenal time!

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