The Swedes have to work on their weather forecasts :-)

Being back in Stockholm today was weird. Not in a bad way, not at all. Just… weird :-) I tried to remember what it felt like in 2003, when I had been here for a few days as well, but I honestly don’t remember much from that trip. Which probably should worry me, because it’s not THAT long ago. I remember the hostel and that I’ve been to Skansen and back at the dorms, but besides that… no idea. It probably would come back if I’d look at the pictures I have taken in 2003.
Anyway, today I almost felt like if I was here for the first time. A lot of the city centre, or at least the parts which I’ve been to, felt so foreign to me. Like a tourist. Doing all the tourist-y things. Which I guess I didn’t do that much in 1997. Because I wasn’t a tourist then, but an exchange student. An inhabitant. But quite a few times today I had to ask myself: “Have you been here before? And if so, shouldn’t you remember it?!?!” :-) Or maybe if just put to much newer information on my neurological harddrive (=brain) that some of the old memories just got lost. So it’s a good thing that I’m here to make new memories, right?

I didn’t actually did that much tourist stuff today yet, because it took quite some time to get ready. Buy the StockholmKortet (which provides free admission in a lot of museums and includes using the metro and buses without extra charge), getting bus timetables and maps. Cautiously trying to find my way around again. Buying the few items I forgot to pack ;-)
The forecast for today was 15°C and rain. I should have taken a photo of the weather map in the newspaper, because the rain icon for the Stockholm area looked like heavy, heavy rain! I then realized that it was the same icon in other parts of Sweden, so I guess the usual icon just symbolizes that much rain. I don’t know. The thing is… there was no rain in Stockholm today. Except a very few tiny drops of rain in the late afternoon. Not enough to get the umbrella out of the bagpack or to even pull up the hood of the jacket. No rain! And definitely more than 15°C. The forecast for tomorrow is cloudy 20°C so I hope if this is wrong again, I hope it’s equally wrong in the same way as it was today and that it’s definitively not raining.

I’m incredibly exhausted right now, probably because I didn’t sleep that much last night and because being a tourist is tiring. Don’t we all know it :-)? But it’s also a lot of fun, so it’s worth it. But I’ll probably be in bed very early today, so that I catch enough sleep and am well rested for another long and wonderful day in this beautiful city. I actually thought about including a few photos in this post, but I’m too lazy to transfer them to the hardrive, upload them and such. Just trust me, that this town is as beautiful as it ever has been :-)

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