My thoughts on the Grey's Sneaks

The Sneaks for the season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy are out. There were no suprises, because most of the storyline and events were already announced officially (in the ABC episode description or the promo photos). I have to admit this might be the first season premiere, which I’m not looking forward to, because of all the things I already know. Oh and maybe because the show has been going downhill since season 5 and I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that it will never get back to former glory *sigh* The season 6 finale was great television, but that doesn’t make me forget the lot of crappy episodes this season. The one episode where they squeezed Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas in 42 minutes before the holidays? The Time-Warp episode?

Two things that bothered me with these sneaks (and with the promo pictures for episode 7.03). It’s all not really spoilerish, though, so don’t worry :-).

1. Derek’s hair! Seriously, how could the hair department mess up like that? He looks like a sleazy insurance salesman!

2. The residents hanging out in the tunnels! I loved the scenes in early seasons when Bailey interns retreated to this part of the hospital. Sitting on the guerneys, resting against the wall, taking a break,  studying or just hanging out. It was their place!
Like so many other good things this location was somehow forgotten about in later seasons, at least I don’t remember many scenes that were shot there in the last few seasons. I missed it a bit, like I missed the good old Fab 5 vibe, which was destroyed by the Gizzie crap and the ghost sex crap and George getting killed and… well a lot of other stuff.

But all of a sudden the tunnels are back as the place to hang out for… let’s see: The new Fab 6? Urgh! I don’t mind Lexie being part of the core group of the young residents, because she was introduced accordingly and it took a while for the others to accept her. But now the group of friends to hang out there includes April and Jackson too?
It really really bugs me that the writers obviously try to recreate the vibe of the old Grey’s by just adding a few new people to this group and showing all of them together in their old spot, which hasn’t been used by the original group in ages! It’s lame and pathetic. In 7.03 they are obviously all hanging out at Joe’s together having fun. When was the last time the original group of friends went to Joe’s together?

Yes, I admit, what is already blatantly obvious: I’m bitter about what this show is turning into. It’s more pathetic that I still keep watching, right? But I can’t help it. I still love the original characters (Meredith, Derek, Cristina, Alex, Bailey) a lot and I don’t want to just let them go. I can’t just let them go. Not yet anyway…

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