|Prompts| for Mid-September

|Fast| 165 km/h on the highway, late at night, after a work meeting.

|Furious| Getting work-related calls on my cell, when I’m already off for the day!

|The Good| Coming to an agreement regarding payment for some additional work.

|The Bad| Still so much left to do for my termpaper.

|The Ugly| Clogged toilet. [Don’t ask…]

|Old| One more “OMG, I’m leaving for Canada in less than a week and there is still so much to do” freak out.

|New| Sneak Peeks for the season premiere of “Grey’s Anatomy”.

|Bought| “Die Essensfälscher”, the new book from Thilo Bode, the director of the NGO “foodwatch”.

|Thrown Away| Dozens of VHS tapes.

|Started| Cleaning out the space under my bed.

|Finished| Blog post about the “Vasa”.

|Planned| How to arrange furniture in my new living room

|Learned| Some secrets obviously can’t be kept.

|Forgot| To buy milk. Twice. [Thank God my mom always has enough milk in her pantry]

|Thought| “My money is really slipping through my fingers this month.”

|Said| “No, I don’t know who will be picked for the job.”

|Saw| Bedroom furniture I reallly, really liked.

|Words| Textbooks and scientific articles. [I’ll be so happy, when I’m done with this termpaper] | But also another chapter of AriaAdagio’s wonderful post S6 Grey’s fanfic “All Along The Watchtower”.

|Tunes| “Lullaby Singer” by Anna Nalick.

|Moving Pictures| Big Bang Theory | One Week.

|Term| Pantoffelmacher. [It’s a german word. A job, I never knew existed. Not that I ever wondered about that in the first place ;-)]

|Sound| Keyboard typing.

|Sight| The small stream in my neighbourhood in the evening sun.

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2 Responses to |Prompts| for Mid-September

  1. Hope says:

    I have some VHS tapes that I really need to throw out!

  2. liljan98 says:

    My videorecorder broke down years ago, so I wasn’t even able to watch these tapes for years. Not that I felt the urge to. It was really about time to throw them out!

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