Grey's Anatomy 7.06 – "These Arms of Mine"

I rarely watch documentaries. Real documentaries about historic events or the construction of the largest bridge ever or about tigers in the jungle or any other topic. I sometimes accidently catch one on TV when I’m channelsurfing and always think I should watch more of those, because they can be quite interesting and educational and maybe even inspiring.

I never watch shows which are in parts documentary and in parts reality show. Because in my opinion the focus of these shows do not lie in the featured event or medical breakthrough, but on the people involved and more often than not it’s a tragic story or the producers of the show make it all appear tragic and emotional and very very personal. Stuff that brings in better ratings for the stations, because a lot of TV viewers want to see these very personal stories. It’s the same reason one of the Chilean miners is supposedly flown in to a German talkshow this week. Or did that already happen? Anyway, I don’t watch these TV documentary / reality shows, which include too much of personal stuff (interviews, close ups and so on) for my taste. I feel bad for those people involved, I feel like their life is exploited for the sake of higher ratings. I know that in some (or most) cases they choose to be part of this show, so I shouldn’t worry about invasion of their privacy. But I still do. I don’t like seeing these things on TV. Period.

So, my thoughts on “Seattle Medical: Road to Recovery”? Let me say it in words of the Plain White T’s: “Hate is a strong word, but I really, really, really don’t like you.” :-)

I right away admit that the writers and producers of Grey’s Anatomy did a good job with making this episode feel like a medical documentary / reality show. That exactly was my problem. Quite a few times I wanted the  camera to stop filming because it was too private. I wanted to protect “my people” from being filmed in moments they thought they were by themselves or from having to talk about their personal experiences on the day of the shooting or the time afterwards. It’s none of our business! Well of course it is, in some way, but maybe you understand how I mean it. Or you just think that I’m taking this TV show called “Grey’s Anatomy” way too serious. Because I DO know that it’s not real and nobody needs to be protected from anyone. But still… it felt so not like my show. And I get that it wasn’t supposed to feel like Grey’s, but like a documentary. I just didn’t expected it to feel different in a bad way. But to me at least it did.

I liked all the patients and their families and because of that I felt even worse for having to see Nicole sitting outside on the bench crying and answering stupid questions about her late husband instead of being able to mourn him in private. It’s the style of this shows, I know and that’s my biggest complaint about this episode.

I honestly just started to write down my speculation about this documentary being one of the chief’s stupid ideas and how much I already dislike him and his stupid ideas already again. I paused and thought, that maybe I’m overreacting and just looking for someone (other than the writers) to blame for this episode *g* and that I would wrongly blame the chief. But then I remembered the end of his interview with Bailey in the last episode, in which he mentions that things will be differnent in SGH during the next few weeks and that he does have the million dollar. So doing a documentary of SGH road to recovery WAS the chief’s idea after all? Stupid chief *g*

Am I the only one who was surprised to see the state-of-the-art security system for the first time in this episode? Shouldn’t it have been in place even in the earlier episodes? But we never saw any security doors or entrance control or doors which only open if you have the right ID. I know I’m a nitpicker and pay too much attention to details  ;-) Did Jackson’s patient survive by the way? In any case Lexie should be not just reprimanded but actually fired for her stunt, because she knew that she’d cause a security lockdown. But as it’s just a TV show I guess her behaviour will never be mentioned again.

Another thing that I really didn’t like was the way in which Owen, Derek and Mark rejoyced about having found a donor. I get that they wanted to be medical titans, but a man just died and a wife had lost her husband. I thought their behaviour was rather disrespectful. But maybe they actually are that way and I needed this documentary to see the real doctors *g* Ok, I’ll stop bashing the documentary now. Just one more thing: Even with the ordinary Grey’s episode I’m not a fan of the bloody and gory scenes in the ER or OR. So I definitely didn’t need to see this all in the documentary style close-ups.

I was happy to see that Meredith is still trying to help and protect Cristina. I wasn’t happy to see that Cristina is still severly traumatized, but I adore Sandra Oh this season and so I enjoyed these scenes in a bittersweet kind of way. Alex Karev totally rocked in this episode. He usually does when he has to deal with kids, but he was so so awesome with Lily. And she took him to the “Show & Tell”! That was more than cute. Just like the “Thank you” tattoo.

But all in all, I definitely missed my Grey’s this week.

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