Home, Sweet Home

I’ve finally officially moved into my new flat yesterday. It still feels a bit weird, because it’s all new and so much more space. And there are still 7 or 8 boxes to unpack, but I hope to tackle most of that tonight and tomorrow, which is a holiday in Germany. Well, in parts of Germany and luckily I live in that part :-) I had spend some time in this new flat over the last few days, unpacking boxes, putting up furniture, lamps and these kind of things. But last night was the first night I actually spent here and this morning was the first time I actually used my shower and my kitchen and so on. I spent hours yesterday evening to unpack all the boxes with kitchen stuff (and I just found that there is some more kitchen stuff in one of the boxes in the livingroom *g*), cleaning the kitchen and finally putting the table and chairs where I want them to be.

I still can’t get over how much larger this kitchen is compared to my old one. And I just love it, even though I have to walk so much more steps from this counter to that cupboard and from the sink to the table. In the old kitchen almost each of the few shelves, counters, cupboards was within arm’s reach from the middle of the tiny room. But this new kitchen with so much more space is such a delight. Two of the new cupboards are still missing and due to be delivered to the store next week. I really wanted to unpack the boxes and put them away, so I stored all of the stuff somewhere in the available cupboards. I guess there will be some rearranging my supplies and pots and pans and everything in two weeks. But it’s going to be fun, I think. Because I’ve got sooo much more space :-)

I’ve moved from a one-room-apartement (tiny kitchen, tiny bathroom) to a two-room-flat (ordinary bathroom, large kitchen) and my living space almost doubled (60 m² instead of 34 m²). I had a large storage room at the old apartment so it wasn’t as crowed as it maybe seems from the mere facts. The point is, it was just one room to sleep, work, relax etc. in. I was running out of space to put up shelves or plants or pictures. There are just four walls in a room after all ;-)
Right now I’m sitting at my desk and look into my living room. I was finally able to put all my books on shelves on one side of the room. I bought new shelves for all the folders which contain all the stuff from my political work, my university stuff and whatever else I’m filing or have to file. And there is still space enough for my comfy armchair, my TV and a couch (which I still have to buy, once I can afford to buy new furniture *g*). There is also still a lot of space in my bedroom, for which I plan to buy additional furniture, once I can afford…. ;-) I’ll make do without this furniture until then though. I’m just so happy to actually have so much more space to even be thinking about additional furniture.

I probably should start to unpack some of the boxes instead of writing blog posts, but I was so occupied with organizing this move over the last few weeks that I didn’t find the time or couldn’t motivate myself to sit down and write something. Except for the Grey’s reviews :-) There wasn’t much interesting stuff to write about anyway. I hope this will change from, now that I’m in my new flat. Unpacking the boxes can’t take that much time and I’m not in such a hurry, because I’ve got enough space to be able to live with a few boxes for a few days. (Yes, the spaciousness of this new flat can’t be mentioned often enough).
I’ll be busy with work and political meetings and fun stuff over the next few weeks, but I’m confident that I’ll be able to get back to write more frequently. At least I’m very much determined to do that. I plan to start with the “prompt posts” again, but I thought the act of finally having moved into the new (and so spacious *g*) flat deserved a real post. I might do a photo post tomorrow, if I’ll find my camera in one of the boxes and if the rooms aren’t too chaotic to be presented :-)

This morning I started watching another TV show except Grey’s Anatomy or Hawaii 5-0 for the first time since I got back from my vacation in early October. I’ve finally watched the 2nd episode of the 2nd season of “Life Unexpected” and I’m tempted to watch another episode tonight. I really have to catch up. And there also are lots and lost of Parenthood episodes to catch up with. I watched the first two on the flight back from Montreal in October (Thanks AirCanada for having this on your entertainment system and getting me hooked!). I also haven’t watched more than the first episode of the 4th season of “Big Bang Theory”. I guess, I already know what I’m going to do next weekend :-) Well, I need to buy a carpet for my living room and maybe a few more smaller items for this flat. But I don’t have anything else planned for the weekend, so there is plenty of time to just watch TV ;-)

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  1. LJ says:

    That’s actually the size of my brother’s place in NYC – nice upgrade! I’m sure it’s a relief to finally be in your space.

  2. Hope says:

    I think I must be weird… because I really, really love unpacking.

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