I’ve been awake for 30 hours because I just couldn’t get any sleep on the plane back home, so I probably head to bed soon. But I’m afraid if I go to bed too early, I’ll be awake in the very early hours of the morning and suffer through another jetlagged day. So I’ll try to stay awake for a little while more. The trip back home to Germany went fine and I even already managed to stock my fridge, catch up with my family, sort through my mail, unpack my suitcase, put in the first load of laundry, let the new tennant of my flat take measures of the kitchen once more… Rather busy for someone who just returned from a wonderful vacation. After spending two weeks in the company of at least one, but most of the time 3 other girls, it feels really weird to be on my own at the moment. The flat is so quit, when neither music or TV are running.

I think I’ll be watching parts of the first few Grey’s Season 7 episodes while I wait for the laundry to be finished and while I have a simple dinner. I want to write a post about this start into season 7, so I better start gathring my thoughts and what better way is there, than to watch parts of the episodes again?

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