Grey's Anatomy 7.07 – "That's Me Trying"

After last week’s boring and totally useless episode (IMHO) I didn’t expect too much for this week. But I actually liked it a lot. Right after it ended, I thought, that his might be my favourite episode in season 7 so far. Or maybe the episode two weeks ago was even better ;-)? I don’t know. But I felt entertained and moved by this week’s episode and there was just very little that put me off.

“Nobody wants to hear about the chief’s problems.” Agree completely, so just shut up! He really is getting on my nerves lately, with all his hints about something big and special and just… ugh! I really don’t like it. Teddy was absent for most of the episode, which was a nice change for all of the screentime she hogged in the beginning of this season.

I’m undecided what to think of Mark’s patient. Yes, she might not do it for a guy, but are her reasons any more valid? Well, I guess it’s a very personal decision, so I shouldn’t really judge her. It provided a lot of entertaining moments with or between Mark and Lexie and I’m glad to see them work together again and to see them be … them. Ok, that sentence doesn’t really make a lot of sense. But their scenes reminded me a lot of the way things started between them. Working together with this special kind of banter, they had at the start. Lexie might be disagreeing with his medical opinion, but at least she is not acting hostile towards him anymore. She is professional and so is he, which is a change from his pushy behaviour in the earlier episodes. And of course he was checking out her ass and he is the last to deny it. I really loved their last scene at Joe’s. They are so going to get back together, I think.

The Callie/Arizona story seemed to have been dragged out a bit. The writers probably thought a showdown at the airport was more dramatic, but I still thought it was a bit unrealistic. That those two women didn’t really adress this issue earlier in their planning. I’m quite sure that they will get back together sooner or later as well, when Jessica Capshaw returns from her maternity leave :-)

Are there any spoilers for any Jackson Avery storyline yet? That he isn’t on top of his game, can’t really just be caused by the trauma he went through, can it? Or if it was, why wasn’t it adressed earlier in the season already more clearly? April mentioned he has nightmares, but that’s all we know so far. So I really hope the show will give us some more on him or any other backstory about him, because the way he is acting at the moment seems out of character to me.

I know a lot of the Grey’s fans still hate or at least dislike April Kepner, but I have to admit I’m liking her more and more. (Or maybe just getting used to her and disliking her less and less *g*). I don’t want to dwell on the crappy writing that shoved her new friendship to Meredith down our throats. Once I let go of that and let go of the objection that we really don’t need more people on the main cast, I think she is an entertaining addition. She reminds me a lot of Izzie in some ways (optimistic, enthusiastic and surprisingly hardcore, when requirerd) and I used to really like Izzie, before the whole dead-Denny fiasco. So unless April loses her virginity to a ghost, I’m fine with her being around. I also love her interaction with Alex, because they are so opposite as characters. I don’t think there will be more to that, even though fans are already voicing how much they would loath that combination.

I liked Owen in this episode and it speaks volumes if mention that in a review. I liked his way of teaching and I liked that he cares so much about Cristina, but that he stops pushing her and just sends Meredith in for support instead. It was so sad to see Cristina try so hard and to see her admit that she is scared all the time. She did a great job nonetheless and I really thought she was finally back on track, after Roy survived, which actually was her success. I did not at all expect her to quit. And we all know she will and can not stop being a doctor or maybe even a surgeon and that she might change her mind sooner or later. But nonetheless I like the journey her character embarked on in this season. And of course Sandra Oh is doing such a fantastic job every week.
I neither expected her to blame Meredith and their fight on the roof was one of those very emotional, very intense moments for which I love this show and especially this friendship. They will survive this fight, too. But I really hadn’t even expected Cristina to blame Meredith for the whole mess. It makes sense that she does, because anyone, who was so traumatized that she turns into an emotional wreck would look for someone or something to blame.

When Mary died last week I was rather angry at the writers, because I thought it was unnecessary drama. I didn’t expect this story to continue in this episode and Mary’s death at least makes a bit more sense now (still don’t like it), because it all is so much more about Bailey and her shaken belief in medicine and science. She is still not quite recovered from the shooting I’d say and was desperately clinging to the familiar things like science. I’ve always loved Bailey and Derek moments and the two scenes they had together were so wonderful. They’ve come a long way too, haven’t they? When Bailey can openly sulk in front of him and he finds the right words to comfort her. I probably would have been comforted by his dreamy look alone :-) And of course Bailey gives him something to think about too.
I love that Derek is still pursuing this clinical trial and that Meredith is supporting it. I love that this whole Alzheimer’s issue is still an issue for him and in his marriage, because it would be completely unrealistic if it weren’t. Of course he is afraid, like he said two weeks ago, he is scared to death and he has any right to be. I just wish we would have seen a bit more closely how he went from “Maybe you get Alzheimer’s, maybe not. Screw the odds, let’s just live” in episode 4 to his desperate attempt to find a cure for this disease. But except for that I love that this issue will still be an issue for a while. At least it gives Patrick Dempsey something to work with :-)

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2 Responses to Grey's Anatomy 7.07 – "That's Me Trying"

  1. lisa says:

    I’m not a fan of Owen. I think it’s really unfair that he is understanding when it comes to Cristina and doesn’t cut Jackson any slack. I mean, they were there together, Jackson is the one that was quick on his feet and disconnected the leads. Why is it OK for Cristina to be broken, but not Jackson?

  2. liljan98 says:

    I’m not a fan of Owen either, but I didn’t mind him that much in this episode. I agree that he should not cut Cristina but everyone who was in the hospital that day more slack. But I’m not quite sure if Jackson really is still so off his game because of what happened during the shooting or if there are other things going on. Because if it’s a result from the shooting the writers are really took (or still are taking) an awful lot of time to start telling his story. He seemed ok for so long now (like Mer and Alex), so I’m surprised that he supposedly is still deeply affected by it. Well, everyone actually should be deeply affected and not back at work at the same place, but it’s just TV fiction after all :-)

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