Grey's Anatomy 7.09 – "Slow Night, So Long"

When I watched this episode last morning I felt pretty much underwhelmed. Last night I watched the episode again (yes, I watch every episode at least twice, I’m still a Grey’s addict, what can I say?), I fastforwarded through quite a few scenes, which I usually don’t do, when I watch it the 2nd time. When I didn’t had to endure all the characters and storylines I didn’t like, this episode wasn’t that bad. I actually liked a few things very much and was rather indifferent to others and.. well, skipped some more parts completely.

I’ve always been a fan of the Meredith/Alex friendship. I wrote about it often enough, so I don’t have to elaborate now. To see them working side by side and to see them hang out together was one of the best parts of this episode. They are both very good doctors, they care about their patients and they don’t mind “breaking the law” if they think it’s in the patient’s interest. They accept the consequences (to be yelled at) afterwards, but the thing is: they do what needs to be done and I love them for it. I also liked the reminisence to the chief’s speech in the pilot. Who would have thought Meredith and Alex, especially Alex!, to be the last two standing?

The other thing I really really liked in this episode was Derek looking out for Cristina. Just Derek being Derek. McDreamy and all. I just wish he had some more time with Meredith every once in a while and to see them deal with their own problems. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy, that Derek is such a good friend to Cristina, but I really miss my cute and fluffy MerDer stuff. MerDer stuff in general. Their scenes were cute in this episode, but also very very short.

I still haven’t made up my mind what to think of drunken Bailey. She had a few extremely funny moments, but all in all it felt so out of character. That probably was exactly what the writers were going for, but it still felt weird to me. April (in her scenes with Bailey and beyond) was borderline annoying again. It’s weird that I like her in one episode and can’t stand her in the next. In this episode she already was out of my good graces in the beginning, when she offered Derek breakfast. Ugh! How can Meredith and Derek stand to have her around the house? I know she probably just meant it as a nice gesture from one inhabitant to another, but it still felt too much like her infatuated behaviour last season. This scene at the beginning probably set my underwhelming mood already, because it felt soooo wrong to see the head of neurosurgery come back to a frat house and meet some of his subordinates, half naked on the way to the bathroom. Ugh!

Cristina is working as a bartender provides a few funny moments, but all in all it felt a bit over the top to me. Not necessarily that she was working as a bartender, but the overly cheery mood in which she did it. I guess it probably was supposed to feel that overly cheery because she was just putting on a show for everyone, but it still felt weird. I know I’m mean, but I totally loved how drunk Cristina called Owen her “boyfriend”. I’m jsut still not a fan of this marriage.

I didn’t care a lot about the patient’s this week, which is pathetic I know, because one was a kid and the others were in a horrible accidents and  their parents were told that one of them had died… I just honestly didn’t care that much. In case of the two guys, probably because we didn’t really get to know them, but rather met them as nameless guys on a guerney, if you know what I mean. So I fastforwarded through all the scenes in the ER and OR as well :-) Finally we find out what Jackson’s problem is and I’m wondering why that wasn’t adressed already earlier in this season. Probably there wasn’t enough screen time available for focusing on Jackson for a bit. It feels a bit weird to have a trauma like this revealed months after the shooting, so I’m not sure what to think of this storyline yet.

More things I didn’t care about: The car rides to and from work. Yes, we know they are all a happy family and do everything together. Stop pushing it down our throat. Yes, I realize I might be exaggerating, I guess I’m just in a bitchy mood right now. Mark and Callie as friends with benefits. Meh. I so saw that coming and I think it’s a boring storyline, but as I don’t care about both characters that much, I won’t get upset about it. The last thing I want to mention in this review is something that did upset me like seems to do every week now. Teddy Altman! I so do not care about her love life. Her dating experience. Her drunken rants about everyone and everything. And while Bailey is at least somewhat funny when she’s drunk, Teddy is just even more annoying! Just imagine how many wonderful and meaningful MerDer scenes we could get if GIJane wouldn’t hog all the screentime! Ugh! Derek was cute when he was listening to her rants and even egging her on, but that’s the only positive thing I can see in regard to anything Teddy related.

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