Today's Leftovers, 3rd Issue 2010

  • It took my bosses and my coworker ages to make up their minds about “sending out the unique christmas cards or not” which now most possible will lead to me not being able to go on christmas vacation already on the 16th, but at the earliest on Tuesday 21st *sigh*
  • I have spent an insane amount of money on tea and tea preperation equipment in the last few days. Why do I not know when to just stop buying stuff ?
  • The muscles in my right shoulder (up to my neck) are really tense at the moment, my GP is treating the symptoms and it seems to show some effect. I know I should continue with the muscle strengthening work out at the gym, but I’m sooo busy (and too tired after work) at the moment to do that.
  • While writing her report the GP asked: “Which shoulder was it again? Right or left?” After my answer she apologetically said: “I sometimes mix up left and right.” Then she grinned: “That’s why I didn’t choose surgery in med school.”
  • I’ve never been as unprepared for a seminar as I am for this one, starting tomorrow. I haven’t even read all the literature. I suck at this studying thing at the moment
  • There might just be too much stuff going on in my life right now. How do I make that stop?
  • I hate this weather and the insane amount of snow (on the streets and the pavement and just everywhere) at the moment.
  • Two days ago I saw a squirrel climbing down the slope right outside my window. I felt really sorry for that poor fellow, searching for food outside in this kind of weather.
  • From all the household chores ironing clothes and sorting my socks and stuff is my least favourite. But it can’t be avoided any longer…
  • … but first of all I have to find out where the cold draft in my flat is coming from. And find some warmer socks for my cold feet!
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2 Responses to Today's Leftovers, 3rd Issue 2010

  1. Hope says:

    It seems really unfair that someone else’s dithering would postpone your holiday!

  2. liljan98 says:

    It depends on how fast the print shop will get the cards done. And how much other stuff I’ll have to do before I can think of getting all the envelopes ready (adress + stamps and such). I really thought with so much else going on, we’d skip this christmas card idea this year, but then all of a sudden they finally wanted to do it anyway *sigh*

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