Grey's Anatomy 7.11 – "Disarm"

Grey’s is back after the christmas break. As a long-time Grey’s fan maybe I should have felt more excited about it, but even though I watched the new episode first thing in the morning, that wasn’t because I desperately needed to see it, but because I was up and couldn’t go back to sleep and had a doctor’s appointment at 8.30 am anyway. So… the episode wasn’t bad, which these days seems to be enough for me. Who needs brilliant, intense, witty and touching episodes anymore? Ok, I should stop being bitter about Grey’s in 2010/2011 not being the show I fell in love with all those years ago. The episode really was ok: I did love a few things a lot, and liked some things and didn’t care about the rest of it.

In theory I liked the concept of having another shooting happen in Seattle and have the SGH people to have to deal with these victims and to deal with their own feelings about the shooting at SGH. The way it was done on the show lacked something though, and I can’t really say what was missing for me. I didn’t care much about any of the victims or their families, because they were all strangers to me. To me this episode also proved once again that there are just too many characters on the show. It seemed like all of them and all of their various traumatic experiences were supposed to be dealt with in this episode, but 42 minutes are just not enough time to do this the right way. So it all felt like just scratching the surface or… I don’t know.

Thankfuyll I could easily overlook the more unrealistic parts of this storyline like every OR in every hospital in Seattle is already occupied, so they have to set up a “MASH pit” (loved that line) in the trauma bay..Yeah, right! But I really didn’t quite get the fits of laughter in the gallery during the last surgery. Was it supposed to be hysterical laughter to counteract all the grief and fear and whatever kind of emotions these events brought back? Or was there something funny in the situation? Because I honestly didn’t get it. To me it felt rather inappropriate, just like Izzie and Meredith and the others starting to laugh after George’s funeral. That was stupid back then as well.

I could have done without the whole Teddy and What’s His Name getting married story and also without Chief Webber and What’s His Name 2 having to deal with a shooting together again.

I have to admit I’m already a bit bored with the Callie/Arizona drama and it makes me sad, because I actually like them together and I want them to get back together soon. I understand that Callie is still mad and all, but I already dread that it will take ages for them to reconcile and we’ve seen this with other couples on the show so often already.

This episode could have needed some more of Dr. Bailey. I liked her scenes and her quarrel with “the one above” about the young man Alex and Jackson were trying to save, but there could have been a few more scenes with her.The more Bailey, the better, I say. On the other hand I’m glad we didn’t get too much of April. This dose of April is fine. Lexie was a bit too emotional for my taste. I guess she had every right to be, but I still found it slightly annoying sometimes. I really liked Mark in this episode (and it speaks volumes when I admit something like that *g*) He is a good guy and he cares about his patients.
I also once again really liked Jackson in this episode. I understand his emotional turmoil and that he didn’t want to save the shooter. It’s just human and I can’t blame him for leaving the OR, sworn oath or not. But I was also glad to see that he came around after Alex talked to him. It was really nice of Jackson to talk to the shooter’s mom. The actress did a great job by the way, because I really felt for this mom and her pain. No matter what crimes her son committed, he is her son and she loves him and that’s the way it’s supposed to be. So no blame there either, none at all.

So, Cristina is finally back. Yay! I already knew or at least expected these events to make her return, but it still felt a bit anticlimatic to me, if these term can be used in this context of a shooting at a college campus. Whether or not it was the successful fishing trip or her impromptu successful emergency heart surgery thing she did on this guy in the ambulance. She is back in the game, exactly where she needs and wants to be. It had to have been an easy decision after all.

How many levels of awesomeness was Alex Karev in this episode? From the moment he greeted Arizona to his refusal to amputate the leg and how he followed Arizona’s order to bodyblock the ped’s attending. I was laughing so hard when I saw this, because it was so crazy and yet so typical of Alex. He and Arizona are a great team when it comes to their kids and Arizona brings out the best in him as a doctor, so I’m glad she is back even for Alex’s sake. I really adored Alex, when he left the OR without complaints to help out in the ER, because his “work was done!” and he helped save this kid’s leg!

Which only leaves my thoughts on Meredith and Derek. Finally we saw them have a lot of scenes together. When I watched the episode this morning I did watch it via a online streaming link and these always make it rather difficult to pause/rewind when there are some lines I don’t understand audibly at first. So I didn’t get what Meredith said near the end of their fight in bed, before Derek took off his clothes. And I was confused. A lot. For a moment I thought they were going to have sex (Derek was taking off his clothes after all), but it so didn’t make any sense to me, because they were clearly still mad at each other. I didn’t ponder that any longer though, but kept watching the show.
When I watched the episode in peace for a second time this afternoon I clearly heard her say “I’m ovulating” and all of a sudden everything that followed made a lot of sense and I was laughing so loud, because I thought the whole scene was just freaking hilarious! How could I have missed that when I was watching it the first time? Such a clear #fail moment on my part :-)

I was a bit disappointed when Derek continued to be mad at Meredith in the OR and even called her a spoiled brat, because she was standing up to him. He can be a pain in the ass as husband and superior surgeon sometimes, can’t he? He got around though and realized how it must have been for Meredith. Finally we heard her talk about her trauma as well instead of her just helping everyone else with their trauma. So hopefully with this episode the whole traumatic shooting storyline from the season 6 finale is finished and they can move on to other things. Like showing us more about MerDer trying to have a baby. Moving into their new house. Derek starting his Alzheimers’ trial. Cristina breaking up with Owen and hooking up with Jackson (well, a girl can dream, right *g*?)

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4 Responses to Grey's Anatomy 7.11 – "Disarm"

  1. LJ says:

    This is totally spot on. I agree, it’s so-so simply because the characters are strangers to us now. I am happy to see them, like old friends, but something’s missing.
    Bailey yelling at God and begging for him not to take another Charles from her was great. Anything other than sniffly Bailey, that’s the worst.
    Also, Derek’s mood swings were almost bordering on bizarre. First he’s mad then he’s gushing? I mean, I get they want to show that he gets it, but it was like he was PMSy or something. I loved the “THEN ROLL OVER” – that was awesome.

  2. Lisa says:

    I too thought everything wrapped up too quickly. It just seemed a little too convenient.

    I haven’t always loved McDreamy (I picked McVet, personally), and it’s because of that side of him. He seems a lot more human now and acts less like a jackass neuro god. She has the patience of a saint for putting up with it, and I’m glad she finally came out and told him what she had been through.

  3. liljan98 says:

    PMSy Derek… now that’s a thought *g* But I have to agree, it was a strange change of his mood. And why did perfect McDreamy never ever considered what it must have been for Mer in the first place ;-). Just thinking about the bedroom scene puts a big grin on my face, now that I’ve got it. So so funny!

  4. liljan98 says:

    I really think he should have considered what it all must have been for Meredith so much earlier. Did he never ask her or did she just never answered in case he ever has asked her? In any case I’m happy about all the MerDer screentime we get these days with strange cardiac surgeons marrying even stranger strangers ;-)

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