Today's Leftovers, 4th issue, 2011

I don’t know how I always manage to procrastinate through my days. Well, I actually do know… watching a lot of TV shows might be top on my list. But I’ve also have been rather busy all week with work and stuff and my MS is still bothering me quite a bit. Not so much as a few weeks ago but still bothering me, physically and every once in a while my head is just so full.

° ° °

In my latest Grey’s review I mentioned my favourite “plotdevice”, the snoring / earplug thing in season 3. I watched those episodes again on Friday and then  the current season 7 seemed to suck even more, because the old seasons were just so much better. This made me want to revisit the good old times and I decided to watch the show (or at least have the episodes running in the background) again from the beginning. Yes, I know I’m crazy and I’ve watched my favourite parts of the old episodes over and over again, but rarely complete episodes. It’s so easy to have them running on the laptop on the kitchen table while I’m cooking or cleaning the dishes.
There were some great moments in season 1 (I’m done with episode 4) so far. But also some screwed up timeline in the Ellis Grey background story. You know, she left for Boston 25 years ago. But that scrub nurse was her nurse for 18 years. The nurse obviously stayed in Seattle, so did Ellis once return to Seattle. With Meredith? This might explain why there even still was a house in Seattle… I’m probably thinking too much about this. Anyway, the old episodes rocked compared to the new ones. *sigh*

° ° °

I was too busy/tired to compile a project365 post for the last two weeks. I even had problems coming up with nice deas for week 5 and the theme “tired” and I had zero idea for week 6 and the theme “sleep”. I decided to choose my own theme for that week and that was “plants”, but I have to admit I was too busy/tired to take daily photos, so I cheated during the weekend. Still haven’t gotten around to actually compile the posts… I guess, the TV shows kept me too busy ;-) But I did take the pictures, so that’s at least the first step…

° ° °

I still haven’t gotten around to do much of the “sightseeing planning” for my short trip to Berlin next weekend either. But I’m working on that, bit by bit. And I still got the over 3 hours on the train next Thursday, I can do a lot of planning then as well :-)

° ° °

I’m off to a hockey game later tonight. My Cologne Sharks play against the team from Düsseldorf. Cologne and Düsseldorf traditionally have an intense rivalry about almost everything and of course in sports. So it really really sucks that Düsseldorf is doing so good at the moment while we are at ranking’s bottom. We’re going to defeat them tonight anyway! (At least I hope so *g*)

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2 Responses to Today's Leftovers, 4th issue, 2011

  1. Hope says:

    I’ve been bad about taking pictures lately. I need to fix that!

  2. LJ says:

    I haven’t taken any pictures either. I need winter to be over to regain my mojo.

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