Today’s Leftovers, 6th Issue, 2011

Oh boy, did this week suck so far. There was an insane amount of work in both jobs. Being assigned to do things I usually don’t like doing. Scrap the “usual”: Things I generally don’t like doing. I took the late afternoon off, which only means I have to do some of the stuff tomorrow, but I really needed a break.

° ° ° °

I managed to – once again – damage Bro3’s car. Not badly, but the rear right side of the car touched the wall of concrete when I navigated around a corner in a parking garage. To my defense I can only say, that the garage is being overhauled at the moment, so it’s basically a construction site with narrow lanes and all…. Who am I kidding? It shouldn’t have happened, construction site or not. I guess there go another part of my savings *sigh*

° ° ° °

I saw “The King’s Speech” this evening and I really enjoyed it. Colin Firth did an incredible job and definitely deserves every award for this performance. Just like “The Queen” a couple of years ago, it felt a bit weird to see a movie about the real British royal family, who I’ve seen on TV, in magazines etc all my life. The most impressive thing besides Colin Firth’ performance to me was, how much Helena Bonham Carter managed to play the “Queen Mum” in her 3os in such a way, that I totally recognized the “Queen Mum” (aged 80 and older) I know from my childhood. Does that sound weird? Probably, but that was my impression. (I guess I’ve paid too much attention to the British Royal family as a child *g*)

° ° ° °

I really, really enjoyed the latest Grey’s Anatomy episode. Maybe I’ve lowered my standards by now :-) But I think I liked it so much because it focused on
a) the core characters (there were basically just cameo appearances by Mark, Callie, Arizona, April ) and
b) the medicine with various patients in very different conditions
and it was very well paced. I was positively suprised. And I will most probably post my glowing (compared to former reviews this year) review later tonight.

° ° ° °

The heating was working again, when I got home tonight. Yay! It would have been dreadful to spend the weekend in a freezing apartment…

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3 Responses to Today’s Leftovers, 6th Issue, 2011

  1. LJ says:

    Oh magnetic words! I remember what a big deal those were. What a blast from the past.

  2. liljan98 says:

    I had neither my own fridge or a magnetic board to put them on, when the magnetic words were a big deal years or even decades ago, and I always regretted that. When I saw them in this shop yesterday and I thought about my laaaaarge magnetic (well metal) board in my kitchen, I had to buy them. Just because ;-)

  3. Hope says:

    We have lolcat magnetic words. They always crack me up!

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