Grey's Anatomy 7.17 – "This Is How We Do It"

I wish I could just get over my addiction to this show already. To just quit it. Cold turkey or something. Is there some “GAA” group out there somewhere? Because I obviously haven’t reached that stage yet and so I will continue to watch  “Grey’s Anatomy” while having breakfast on my day off. It used to be my Free Friday Fun activity, but it’s not that much fun anymore. *sigh*

Stuff, I liked…
Every time Derek was on screen. Just because he was there and because he is very yummy to look at, even if just for a few scenes. Still not enough scenes or storylines in my opinion, but I’ve gotten used to that. I really felt bad for him that he had to make this decision about Adele and the trial. I’m happy that he didn’t let himself get lured into this “breaking the rules” idea by the chief though. It wouldn’t be him and I’m glad that Meredith had his back. I just wish we would see Meredith and Derek deal with their own lives and own set of problems every once in a while instead of having to solve other people’s problems every week.

Meredith, Cristina, Alex and Lexie decorating the onesies felt a lot like a classical cafeteria scene. Alex’s so very practical thought made me laugh out loud: “I say he’s gay. Just wish he’d be into me, so I could get to do all the cool surgeries”.

I liked that Meredith told the OB more about the real Alex, even though it felt a bit forced and simplified in that scene. I don’t know. Loved her last line “The Neanderthal thing… it’s an act. A well executed one.” Indeed.

Is it just me or did Meredith do an “abstract” onesie decoration to let out all her frustration about being at a shower for an accidental baby while she is trying so hard to get pregnant? Oh, maybe I’m reading too much into this and she really just can’t draw :-)

Alex in the trailer on the parking lot: So unrealistic but still kind of funny…

Stuff, I didn’t care about at all or which I seriously disliked or really really wish would just stop being on my screen… (not necessarily a complete list, because that would be a waste of time)
Lexie and Jackson are pretty and therefore pretty to look at, but the “sex everywhere” story seemed exaggerated to me.

April & Stark: Seriously creeping me out. Enough said.

Bailey & Eli: Still not sure what to think of that. I’d very much preferred asexual Nazi Bailey.

Adele’s Alzheimers: I’ve never been a (huge) fan of Adele and I’m still holding a grudge against the chief. Especially how he is once again trying to manipulate Derek. So I couldn’t care less about the Webbers actually. I also think that the show had covered the “family member suffering through Alzheimers” story with the Ellis storyline more than enough.

I didn’t care at all about any of the other patient’s storyline.

Henry Whatshisname and his wife were hogging too much screentime. Could they please, please just go away? I don’t care where to or how or whatever. Stop wasting my time.

Alex & the OB: His “I’m a jerk” act is getting old by now because we all know he’s not that guy. I also don’t really see that much chemistry between them and as I know that she will be only on for one or two more episodes I really don’t see the point of getting those two hook up for one episode.

Callie/Arizona/Mark: *yawn* So lame by now. I really don’t know what more there is to say. Except that Callie’s belly seemed pretty huge for being only 23 weeks pregnant.

This cliffhanger ending felt so contrived to me. Could it have been any more dramatic? The thing is, the way they’re pushing the “oh so special musical episode” promotion down our throat, we all know that nothing serious is going to happen to Callie or the baby (at least I think Shonda wouldn’t dare to go there) so what was the point of this cliffhanger?

I watched the promo and the sneaks for next week’s “musical event” and they all just fuelled the “WTF?!?!?” attitude I have towards this episode. I didn’t mind the surreal “after-life” ferry crash episodes, mainly because it was about Meredith, who I like and who is the main character of the show. At least she used to be. But this out-of-body experience of Callie’s just feels so forced and just utter crap.
Maybe the mystery of why this episode is set up like it is, will be revealed as the story unfolds when the episode actually airs. But just from the sneaks it seems like they just wanted to a) do something “special” and b) include the classic songs and c) give Sara a stage to sing and thus had d) no better idea than to have a character standing/sitting in the background singing a song instead of having the song just play in the background. What is the point of it all? Sorry, if I’m overly bitter and judgemental in advance, but I. Just. Don’t. Get. It.

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4 Responses to Grey's Anatomy 7.17 – "This Is How We Do It"

  1. Lisa says:

    I really wish there was a way to quit this show! I watched most of it on fast forward. And I don’t feel like I missed much.

    I liked Adele’s part, and I totally think Meredith’s onesie was intentional. Oh, and I would have failed their little Alzheimer’s trial test. I tried to the backwards from 100 in multiples of 7 thing and made it as far as 79.

    I don’t think I can watch next week. That part where they showed everyone running down the hall with the gurney and Callie is riding on it singing? UGH.

  2. Lisa says:

    Oh, and the Cristina/Owen thing. I don’t think Cristina should be chief resident, I don’t think she has the people management skills, but I think it’s pretty crappy of Owen to agree to be the person deciding on chief resident. He should have said he wouldn’t be able to be objective.

  3. liljan98 says:

    I forgot to mention O/C but I completely agree. Cristina is lacking the social skills (just remember how she treated her interns) and Owen shouldn’t have agreed to be the one to pick.

    I also wouldn’t have got too far with the counting backwards. And what stupid test is this anyway? What if you really are just bad at maths? You don’t have to Alzheimers to fail at that :)

  4. Lisa says:

    One more thing I forgot… What’s up with Shonda and the gay characters? I’ve never cared whether storylines had gay, bi, or straight characters before (they usually make sense, as much as things can in Shondaland), but it’s starting to get a little weird how Shonda seems to be focusing on sexuality so much. I know sex has always been a big part of Grey’s, but the patients’ (or family’s) sexuality is now important?

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