"Mourning" My Phone…

When I had to renew my cell phone contract (and get a new phone) at the end of 2009 I knew I wanted to get a smartphone, even though I only had a vague idea why and what exact kind of phone I wanted. I didn’t compare a lot of offers or such I bought the one that was a new / special offer from my phone carrier and I was more or less happy with this decision.
Over the last two years I read/heard about and saw a lot of others, newer, better smartphones and once I learned more about the limitations of the Palm Pre (for example: not nearly as much Apps as there are for iPhone or Android) I knew that my next phone would not be a Palm but either iPhone or Android. Just a few weeks ago I even already tried to get an idea of which kind of Android phones are on the market and which I might buy, if I wouldn’t buy an iPhone.

Why am I writing about all of this today? Because my Palm Pre died! 7 months before I would have paid it off! And I’m so pissed about it at the moment. The reasonable thing probably would be to contact my phone carrier, which sold the phone to me, send the phone in and hope they can fix it. Which I doubt, actually, because it really, really seems to have kicked it. Even if they could fix it it would take a few weeks and right now I have a hard time imagining to not have a smart phone at my beck and call 24/7.
I can and will have to borrow a cell phone from one of my brothers (good thing, there are a few old cell phones still laying around in various family homes), because I definitely need a cell phone for all kind of work contacts to reach me. A lot of them only have my cell phone number and not the office number and it’s usually no big deal. But being without a cell phone and thus out of reach: Not an acceptable prospect.

Yes, I know it’s pathetic how much I (or all of us in general, I think) got used to having a cell phone, not to mention how much *I* got used to using my smartphone for all kinds of stuff all the time. Seriously, I’m hooked off for only half a day yet and I already feel like something essential is missing. Being without internet at home is bad as well, but at least then I already at least had my phone to go online. *sigh* I know, I must sound really pathetic, whining about possibly having to exists a few weeks without having the internet with me all the time, but it’s just the way I feel right now. Nothing to be proud of, for sure, but I hope some of you will understand why this is such a big deal.
But maybe I’ll get used to it after a few days and it won’t be that bad. We’ll see. I never thought I’d wean off my addiction to Grey’s Anatomy as easily as I did either, so I might just get through the smartphone withdrawal without major problems as well :)

I was and am still a bit tempted to get an iPhone, especially as a friend of mine praised the iPhone 4 just a few weeks ago. But besides the price there is the whole „being bound to iTunes and all stuff Apple” issue which scares me off. Even if I’m not that kind of expert who wants and „pimp” her phone to a huge extent, I at least want to have the ability to do that, if I ever feel the desire to do so. I did so with the Palm Pre even if only to small extent.
Plus: various Android phones actually seem to get score better than the iPhone in the various tests, I have read so far. So I most probably will buy an Android. Still have to make up my mind between a HTC or the Samsung Galaxy 2, which will be available in a few weeks. The old Samsung Galaxy scored very good on a lot of tests I read, but it really would be stupid to buy that one now, when the new model will be out in a few weeks. But that would also mean I would have to live without a decent smartphone for a while longer. Tough decisions, right?

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2 Responses to "Mourning" My Phone…

  1. LJ says:

    I remember when you got your Pre!!

    I do love my Android, and haven’t felt the pull for an iPhone yet. It’s got a lot more things that are free in terms of apps…

  2. liljan98 says:

    It wasn’t that long ago that I got the Pre so it really sucks, that it’s broken already. Oh, well maybe they can fix it without any costs for me. The thing is, the new Androids are very very tempting even if I get my Pre back. The weird attraction of “new” technology. I’ll probably won’t get an iPhone after all for the reason you mentioned above.

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