Today's Leftovers, 8th Issue, 2011

I was supposed to get my first Tysabri IV tomorrow, but I had to cancel due to my acute bronchitis. Maybe it’s for the best, Friday 13th might have been a stupid date to start a new treatment after all.

~ ~ ~ ~

The antibiotics and other meds my GP gave me for that stupid bronchitis seem to work very well though. The cough is mostly gone, so is the sore throat and even my vocal chords are almost working as well as before.

~ ~ ~ ~

Team Germany lost the quarter final match and is out of the World Championship. Too bad, but it was to be expected and they did play a great tournament after all. I was rooting for Team Canada tonight but, damn, the Russian kicked them out as well.

~ ~ ~ ~My co-worker is annoying me to no end this week once again. Why do I have to take care of work-stuff even though I’m not even at the office but on sick leave at home?

~ ~ ~ ~

My new mattress was delivered yesterday and I can already say: I’m so happy I decided to finally buy a new one. It wasn’t pricey, but I think it’s worth the money.

~ ~ ~ ~

Over the last two weeks I was torn between quitting Grey’s Anatomy altogether /  waiting till the season’s end to decide if I want to watch the remaining four episodes / keep watching every week knowing that every new episode will probably  piss me off.
At first I tended to qutting altogether, but then I caved to some degree and totally blame Zola and Patrick Dempsey’s super special baby powers + all the tweets I read about that while I was away). In the end I skipped most of what happened in the last two episodes and just watched Meredith and Derek and Alex and a bit of Lexie. I won’t even bother to write down what I liked/disliked and such. Let’s just say: those are not the characters I fell in love with all those years ago. But I’m still not quite over them, so….

~ ~ ~ ~

The cameras at the hockey game showed a middle-aged man in a suit in the audience during the game tonight, the caption read „Wladislaw Tretjak” and I had to grin, because of something I remembered from our trip to Bratislava last week. We were watching the Russia – Solvakia game during dinner in our hotel and the same guy was shown on TV  then. The conversation between me and a married couple among my hockey friends went like this.

Guy: „Wow, that’s Tretjak.”
Me: „And you know him, because…. he’s an old drinking buddy of yours?”
Guy: „Haha” (then exasperated) „It’s Wladislaw Tretjak!”
Me: „And he is…. ?”
Guy: „He was THE goalie of the soviet team back in…” (and he started giving me all the details of when and where Tretjak and the soviet team had won which title)
Me: „Well, that was long before my time…”
Guy: „Yeah, I guess so.”
Guy’s wife had listened patiently through all this, then looked at me and said: „He remembers all this hockey stuff, but he still can’t remember where in our kitchen we keep the sugar.”

I kind of miss all those hockey fans from last week. Watching a game all by yourself in your own living room isn’t half the fun it can be to watch it with a lot of other crazy hockey fans.

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2 Responses to Today's Leftovers, 8th Issue, 2011

  1. LJ says:

    A) What kind of mattress? I love my memory foam one.
    B) I’ve found that I generally am less annoyed with Grey’s now that I watch it in the background :)

  2. liljan98 says:

    Having Grey’s only on in the background (or fastforwarding through 80% of the episode) definitely helps with the “being less annoyed” thing :) The mattress is a pretty ordinary but still very good foam one. Such an upgrade from the worn out spring core mattress I had.

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