Today’s Leftovers, 12th Issue, 2011

I’ve got two weeks off work. Yay! I think I so so needed that, even though there wasn’t that much work, that I was stressed from work or something like that. But I need a holiday nonetheless. I still have to figure out how to cause less stress for myself in various aspects of my life. It’s complicated and hard to explain why I’m feeling stressed and I know that procrastination, which seems to be my favourite method to avoid dealing wih stress factors, is not the right way to deal with it. At the moment I’m optimistic that the insight, that I have to change some stuff in my life/behaviour/way of thinking, is a good first step.

I’ve also signed up for a 8 week course of Mindfullness-based stress reduction (MBSR), because the concept of MBSR seemed to be a perfect fit for me and my “symptoms”. I’m on week 2 right now and already have got so much stuff to think about and to pay attention to in my every day life. It’s scary sometimes, but I’m really glad I’m doing it. It definitely can’t hurt.

~ ~ ~ ~

For the last couple of years I usually wrote long reviews of the Grey’s Anatomy premiere in late September. It feels a bit weird to not be doing that anymore, but I honestly would consider sitting down and putting my thoughts together a waste of my time. The two premiere episodes weren’t bad and compared to a few episodes from season 7 they could even be considered quite good. I just realize I’m not into it all that much anymore. I will always be a MerDer shipper at heart, but not necessarily the current canon MerDer on my TV screen :-)

I’m glad that my other TV shows still are a lot of fun to watch. “Parenthood” is back and I’m once again reminded that there is a incomplete draft of a blog post about Lauren Graham on my hard drive. The season 2 premiere of “Hawaii Five-0” was fun to watch as well. Of course it included a lot of over-the-top and far-fetched events and storylines, but I just LOVE the relationship between Steve and Danny and also the cameraderie among the Five-O folks and their friends. I also watched the first episode of “The New Girl” and enjoyed that quite a bit and am planning to keep watching. “The Good Wife” will be back today and I’m definitely very much looking forward to that premiere as well. Oh, well, the life of a TV junkie ;-)

~ ~ ~ ~

My geocaching activities were put on the backburner a bit in the last few weeks. I was either too busy or the weather was just not good enough to be out in the woods looking for hidden treasures, so to speak. But I’m planning to do a lot more geocaching now during my two week off work.
Even though I haven’t been that active (and even less successful *g*) geocaching so far, I knew right away, that I wanted to send Trackables of my own on a journey. I think, the main reason for that was, that even if I might not be a successful “treasure hunter”, it might be fun to be a part of the whole geocaching world be providing items to travel from cache to cache.

I had my own personal Geocoin made weeks ago and also ordered two Travelbugs around the same time. I knew on which mission I would want these trackables to emerge on, but I never found the time to get everything ready to send them off. But I finished all the preparation this afternoon, even though I hadn’t even planned to do that today. [But that’s the upside of being on holiday. I can change my plans and do whatever comes to mind without having to feel guilty about it.] Now I just have to find the right caches to drop those trackables off and then it’s going to be interesting to follow their travels. I plan to do an extra blog post once they are on their way…

~ ~ ~ ~

I’m planning to write at least two more posts during the next two weeks. Maybe announcing them now will put a bit more pressure on me to actually finish writing those :-). I know what I want to write about, but so fare I haven’t gotten around to it. I know that excuse is getting old, so I’ll try my best to actually finally get them up over the next two weeks.
There also will most probably will be a post with lots of pictures from my trip to the sea next week. I’m sooooo looking forward to this trip, because to me there is nothing more relaxing than being on a beach, watching the waves roll in…

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