NaBloPoMo – Day 10: I <3 Lauren Graham

Parenthood is already well into season 3 and I finally remembered the half-written blog post about this latest “infatuation” with someone on my TV screen. Although I admit that the infatuation might have lessened a bit compared to earlier this summer when I had watched all seven seasons of the Gilmore Girls in a row :-).

I have heard of Lauren Graham in the last decade of course, because even though I hadn’t been watching Gilmore Girls back then, I had seen a few scenes of it while I was channel-surfing. Or maybe I just knew about Lauren Graham because I know more TV trivia than any ordinary person.
When I started watching Parenthood last year, she was one of the three actors I “knew” (in the ‘I know they exist’ kind of way). The other two were Peter Krause, who I knew and liked from Six Feet Under and of course the incredible Mae Whitman.
Sarah Braverman (Lauren Graham’s character) very soon became my favourite of the Bravermans. I basically like all of them, some more than others, but I really, really love Sarah. Maybe because she is the least perfect one of the Braverman children. Ok, she might share that role with her brother Crosby :-)

It’s always difficult for me to say if I like the character so much because of the way the character is written or because of the way the actor/actress manages to make this character come alive and to transform the written words into real emotions. Whether it’s the writing or Lauren’s acting: I’m rooting for Sarah and I want her to be happy after all the crap she had to go through. I definitely like what I’ve seen in season 3 so far and I hope this path will continue. Because she deserves to be happy. I know, I’m talking about a fictional character here. I’m a nerd that way.

I’m kind of glad, that I didn’t see Gilmore Girls before I saw Lauren on Parenthood, because even though Lorelai Gilmore and Sarah Braverman have a lot in common, those characters still are so different. Lorelai had her emotional baggage and had to live through difficult times, but she obviously had stayed an optimist through all of it. Most of the time she seemed sure that everything would work out fine for her in the end or that she’d find a way to deal with whatever life threw her way. Sarah had to live through crappy times as well, and she became much more troubled, pessimistic, and insecure. I liked Lorelai, but I can relate to Sarah so much more. Which probably tells a lot about me.

I also think that Sarah Braverman is the much more gratifying character to play because she is more complex and I’m happy that Lauren Graham is very well up to the task. There are a lot of when just the look on Sarah’s face makes me want to give her a hug! I’m also such a huge fan of her laughter and I can’t even find the right words to explain why. How do you describe a laughter? Impossible. I know I probably should find some clips to show you the amazing Lauren Graham in action, but I’m too tired to start looking for those. (And I know that once I start searching I’ll get lost in the youtube maze of “Oh, that clip sounds interesting and that one and…”)

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