NaBloPoMo – Giving up

I tried. And I made it till Day 10, which is longer than I managed the last time I took part in any NaBloPoMo event in any other month. And at least longer than Hope *g*) But even though I have a few more ideas for posts and could find the time to write those, the whole idea is stressing me out way more than it’s healthy. After all I’m doing a stress-reduction-program at the moment to learn how to deal with my stress. And stressing about the obligation (even to myself) to write a daily post, isn’t really helping with the stress-reduction.

So I say: So long, NaBloPoMo.

I plan to write a more posts on a regular basis in the future (and not just in November). Really, I do. I am in fact working on another post already, but it would be insane to force myself to post it today, so I won’t.

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One Response to NaBloPoMo – Giving up

  1. Hope says:

    It didn’t take much to beat me. :p

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