20 + 1 Things About Me…

@DresdenPlaid did this Getting To Know Me Post yesterday and I liked the idea and decided to quickly follow in her footsteps. The “About Me Page” of this blog already includes some (random) facts about me, but I liked the idea of coming up with a few more…

01. I collect pretty coffee mugs but still use only 3 or 4 of them regulary. One of my favourites is this one.
02. I’ve been a “shipper” since I’m 11 years old.
03. My shoe size is 41/42 (EUR) respectively 7½ (UK).
04. My favourite kind of gummi bears are reds and greens.
05. Four out of ten times I leave my apartment and wonder if I really have locked the door. Two out of these ten times I most probably go back to check.
06. I consider not having killed any of my three indoor plants within the last year a huge accomplishment.
07. In 1997/98 I’ve watched “Titanic” on the movie screen at least five times.
08.  I always liked Enid Blyton’s Adventure Series more than her Famous Five.
09. On days off, I often check blogs/twitter on my phone, while still lounging in bed.
10. I’m an expert in worrying myself into a puddle of anxiety over tiny insignifcant details.
11. Everytime I get money from an ATM I internally bitch about how handicapped we lefties are in a right-handed world.
12. 20 years ago my secret dream job was “tour manager of a pop or rock band”. I still think I actually would be good at it.
13. I’ve never smoked a cigarette (or something else) and never even tried to.
14. My favourite numbers are 4 and 7.
15. I can only sew on a button, when my life depends on it.
16. When I was not quite 11 years old (March 1986) I was a pupil at  a primary school in the Dudley area in England for three weeks.
17. I think that sorting books alphabetically (writer’s last name) is the only right way to organize book shelves.
18. I don’t eat meat, but I eat fish occasionally. I still call myself a vegetarian, because it’s so much easier than to explain the distinction.
19. My most nerdy guilty pleasure is just sitting there and watching the Defraggler progress screen.
20. I prefer odd to even numbers.
21. I’m 36 years old and still don’t own a coffee set (with matching cups, saucers etc). That’s why I could only invite you over for a casual cup of coffee. But at least I’ve got enough mugs to choose from :-)

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  1. Sam says:

    Hello! I’m lefty too.

  2. Sam says:

    I’m a lefty too. What is wrong with my brain today?

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