Mug Collection: Mug 01 + 02

Yesterday I quite by accident stumbled on a nice German blog and found another person who obviously is collecting (coffee) mugs. Yay! I’m not alone with this quirk :-). I don’t even know when I started it as I don’t purposfully collect them. I just happen to like so many mugs I see, especially when I’m on vacation and the mug will serve as a nice reminder of that vacation. So yes, I do own a lot of mugs. In fact I had to put a few of them in a box in my basement a few weeks ago, because I didn’t have enough space left in my cupboard. Which reminds me that I do need to buy some more shelfs or cupboards for my kitchen this year.

Anyway, I thought it might be a nice idea to tell the stories of some of the items in my mug collection. (I was tempted to use the title “Mug Shots” for this category, but I think after a while that joke might not be funny any more *g*) These photos will be rather randomly, just in the order that I will use the mugs and remember to snap a photo. Starting with these two, which I used yesterday and today at breakfast.

When I remember it correctly I bought this one at a christmas market a few years ago. It’s blue (my favourite colour), it has a moose on it (my favourite animal) or more importantly two moose, one on the right front and one on the “back”, which is the front for any leftie. Like me! Stuff “normal” *g* people probably never spend any thought on, but it can be frustrating to always just see the blank back of a nice coffee mug, just because you automatically keep the handle on the “wrong” side. So, every nice and ambidextrous coffee mug get extra points from me ;-)

This one is one of my latest acquistions, I bought in Bratislava, Slovakia during the Hockey World Championship. We had such a great time there. And I still love the cartoon characters of each participating nation. Also: Gold star for the decoration being all around :-).

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7 Responses to Mug Collection: Mug 01 + 02

  1. lachgas says:

    Oh die Hockey-Tasse ist ja großartig! Die wäre was für eine Freudin die großer Eishockeyfan ist *g* Aber ich find sie auch toll!

  2. JustHeather says:

    I like the idea of “mug shots”. hehe.
    I too love mugs!! I don’t purposely collect them, but I do have quite a few and many that are my favorites. And a few that I’ve threatened bodily harm to hubby if anything happens to them. *innocent grin*

  3. Nat says:

    Awwww, I love the moose one! My best friend’s a left-y too and the moose is her fave animal, she’d prolly kill you for it :D. Very cute!! I used to collect mugs, (btw. would’ve loved mug shots…) my parents now enjoy a range of starbucks city mugs and many sentimental possessions… couldn’t take them when I moved continents. I took two with me, one of which once went AWOL at work and we had the head of school sending out an email to get it back to me. Can’t wait to see more of yours (there will be more, right?)!

  4. liljan98 says:

    Ich hab noch ein paar Hockeytassen in der Sammlung… :-)

  5. liljan98 says:

    I have no idea how all the mugs got into my cupboard LOL I also have a few that I would threaten bodily harm to anyone who’d ruin them

  6. liljan98 says:

    Hehehe, I had no idea there are so many other collectors out there. There will be more, of course. With moose and one from Starbucks and well… other stuff. How many mugs did you buy in Australia yet, now that you don’t have your own collection anymore? I also have a few I’d sent a company wide email if it went missing ;-)

  7. Nat says:

    Looking forward to your Starbucks ones too!! I have like 8 mugs by now, which is pretty reasonable I think! None from starbucks tho, I should start collecting those again, I love their city mugs! Do you have some of those?

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