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I haven’t written a Grey’s review since the disaster which was called “the music event”. (I still shudder just thinking about that crappy episode). I wrote one lengthy post of why I thought the show was declining rapidly in April 2011. I still kept watching though :-)
I had lowered my expecations for season 8 and with that state of mind I actually enjoyed most of the first half. I managed to ignore storylines which didn’t interest me and also managed to ignore the (sometimes blatant) inconsistencies in a few storylines. It was solid entertainment for the most part, which I unfortunately can’t say for the second half of the season. Just a few random thoughts on the latest episode might ilustrate my frustration with the show these days:

  • There is a lack of MerDer scenes. Again! They had a one single 10 seconds scene together
  • I’ve never been a fan or even remotely interested in Adele’s character. Neither am I a big fan of Richard Webber. I don’t care about their struggle with Alzheimer’s especially since we had the whole Alzheimer’s storyline with Ellis in earlier seasons. It feels like a cheap plot-recyling. Plus, if I cared just one bit, I would be pissed off that Richard is still working at all and not already gave up his job to be there for his wife. It has always looked he was financially able to retire, so why is he still working now?
  • Alex’s character is written so inconsistenly these days. He seems like a jerk sometimes and then he’s not and sometimes he cares and sometimes he doesn’t. It doesn’t make sense to me.
  • I didn’t care about either patient storyline.
  • I really hope they are not setting up for a hook-up of Alex & preemie mom/intern/what’s-her-name. We don’t need any more characters who appear out of nowhere to become part of the regular cast
  • I’m soooo over Teddy. Yes, she is still grieving her husband, but IMHO the whole Henry storyline was stupid and a waste of time from the start. I don’t care if she get’s the money for a new study. I don’t care if she will forgive Owen. I don’t care at all.
  • Why is Callie all of a sudden such a super special awesome teacher and study buddy? What is so unique about her? Why are she and Mere supposed to be new BFF? Or something like that? And once again the ultimate question: Why should I care?
  • Owen ‘Santorum’ Hunt. I honestly don’t remember a time when I actually liked (and not just tolerated) his character on the show. The “GI Joe” / icicle Owen was kind of cool, but ever since he came back from the war for good, he just wasn’t a guy I’d care for much. It got so much worse this season. I know as a chief he was stuck between a rock and an hard place in the whole Henry’s surgery story, but I still object to him putting the hospitals needs before Teddy’s. I could have lived with that if he hadn’t went down the alley of “you killed our baby” and more importantly the “Nobody doesn’t want kids” crap! Such a jerk! While I was trying to remember a time when I might have liked him a bit more, I remembered that he also was the guy who didn’t let his fiance or his mother (!!!) know that he was still alive and had returned from his military tour in Irak. Even back then I should have realized that he is an insensitive jerk! And no, to me the whole PTSD issue is no excuse for that.
  • Worst of all in the last two episodes was the “character assassination” of hardcore, self-reliant, strong and sane Cristina Yang. Cristina does not beg! Especially not a jerk like Owen. She should cut her losses and run far, far, away.

There also were a few things I enjoyed, but they were far and in between.

  • Derek and Zola. Derek and Zola and Bailey. Derek and Zola and Mark. Derek and… well, Derek. Period.
  • Meredith being a supportive “person”. As much as I hated the storyline of pathetic Cristina I loved Mere’s reaction. “Are you planning a murder? A nuclear attack? I don’t care, because I’ll be on board. I just need to know…”
  • The Mark/Jackson bromance.

That’s about it. Pathetic short list, right? Can anyone explain to me why I still keep watching? And maybe give me another reason than “Derek Shepherd’s perfect hair” LOL. Seriously, I’m so hoping for Paddy to not renew his contract and to leave the show. And hopefully the show will end as well, because dragging it on with Lexie, Mark, April, Jackson, whoever will fell like a slow and painful death. But until Paddy is still on my screen every week for a few moments I will continue to tune in. I’m pathetic all on my own that way, right?

° ° ° °

In other fan-related news: Last night I’ve been to my 8th Sunrise Avenue concert in the last 4 years and once again it was incredible and awesome and such a great show. Every time I’m in awe how the guys on stage apparentely have so much fun doing what they are doing and how much they appreciate that they are allowed to do just that. It’s just so much fun to witness. But as much fun as it was last night at the biggest concert (7.500 people) for this band yet, I’m looking forward to my second Sunrise Ave concert this year in August, which will be at a much smaller venue again. As much as I’m happy for the guys that they are so successful I still prefer the smaller concerts in a more intimate setting.

° ° ° °

I had a few busy days (work, work, concert, work …) this week, so I’m not quite sure if I really will be watching the Oscars live tomorrow night. I have taken Monday off just in case, and I will probably start watching, but I’m not sure if I will be able to stay awake. I don’t have a real “he/she/this movie just has to win” favourite in any of the categories, so it will be a lot less exciting than it has been in previous years.

° ° ° °

My hockey team seems to have dabbled away the last remote chance of getting into the play-offs this year, which sucks on so many levels, which I’m too tired to explain right now. Theoretically there still is a chance, but I honestly very much doubt it.

° ° ° °

20:30 is a totally valid time to go to bed on a Saturday night, right? Because the last few days have taken it’s toll and I don’t think I can keep my eyes open that much longer. My internal clock will probably be totally messed up tonight but right now… I just don’t care.

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