Mug Shot #05

It seems like I took the photos of this mug ages ago. No idea why I never got around to posting them. Or well, I’ve got an idea and that might be part of a new “Jumble of thoughts” post later tonight. Anyway, this is my office mug. I sometimes use other mugs there as well, but the others are rather generic and this one is one I brought from home. I think my co-worker never uses it when I’m not around. I never actually forbid him, but I guess he knows that it’s my mug!!! ;-)

And if you’re wondering what or who on earth this cartoon character is… I wrote about it on this blog more than two years ago: It’s Urmel on the ice

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One Response to Mug Shot #05

  1. Hope says:

    My office mug has rainbow hearts all over it. I work with all dudes. I don’t need to worry about anyone else using it. :p

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