On Days Like These…

On days like these…

  • I want to forbid teachers to use public transport for their field trips with their classes
  • I’m looking forward to driving to the (new) office by car and not having to use public transport
  • I wish they had put someone with IT background in charge of the document management system at work and not some guy who just got the job because he’s related to someone on top of the ladder
  • I’m very much looking forward to leaving this job behind
  • I’m grateful for all the nice people I’ve met through this job and I know I will miss them dearly
  • I wish I could bring myself to sort through the stacks of town council files on my shelf
  • I’m a little bit in love with my dishwasher ;-)
  • I’m so grateful for the audiobook of “The Fiery Cross” (Outlander series) on my iPod, because it makes commute via public transport bearable
  • I’m eating too much chocolate
  • I’m an expert at procrasting once again
  • I’m playing “Phase 10” on my phone for hours
  • I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a few weeks days of summer weather in a row
  • I finally actually might go to bed early to finally catch up on the sleep I seem to be missing since… I don’t know when
  • I learn that I shouldn’t mess with “wp-config.php”
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3 Responses to On Days Like These…

  1. liljan98 says:

    Just a test comment

  2. Sam says:

    Phase 10! On your phone!?! I haven’t played that in more than a decade. *runs off to download it*

  3. hoperoth says:

    The way the train fills up these days, I wish I could drive to work!

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