|Prompts| for late August…

Some random stuff of the last few days/weeks…

|First| Car wash for my own car.
|Last| Day at my old work. Such a weird feeling to say goodbye to various people in all kinds of departments.
|Old| Castle ruins in Scotland.
|New| Job. Now officially at last (Signed the contract this morning).
|Bought| Mango Lassie at the supermarket.
|Thrown Away| Quite a few old files, when I was cleaning out my desk/boards at the office.
|Found| A 10 EUR and a 20 EUR bill in my notebook (put it in there when we had reached Great Britian and forgot about it)
|Started| To read “Anna Karenina” but will probably switch to the audiobook version for the long car rides to work.
|Planned| Where to park my car on my first day of work.
|Learned| Scots like to do stag/hen parties in Amsterdam.
|Forgot| To say goodbye to one important guy in one department. Will call him tomorrow.
|Thought| “Wow. I’m really here.” (at Culloden Battlefield)
|Said| Goodbye to a lot of really nice people at work.
|Saw| Amazing sunsets. Beautiful scenery. Ancient buildings and much more in Scotland.
|Words| “Look. What can you see? I see beauty in the lochs. I see majesty in mountains. I see legend in rocks. And it is ours.” (A child’s poem engraved at the Scottish Parliament. I thought of that a few times during our vacation)
|Tunes| “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Sunrise Avenue. “Loch Lomond” by Runrig. Both in concert.
|Moving Pictures| “Brave” before I went to Scotland. “Magic Mike” after my return.
|Sight| Clouds. In Scotland.
|Sound| The audience singing “Every River” at the Runrig concert last night.
|Term| Single Track Road.

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2 Responses to |Prompts| for late August…

  1. Hope says:

    Sounds like a darn good month!

  2. liljan98 says:

    All in all it was a darn good months. Busy, but exciting…

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