Brunch, Schlussmacher & Outlander

A side-effect of my plan to post (almost) daily about my quest to listen to all Outlander Audiobooks this year, is that there might be more short blog posts about other stuff as well. Because it feels kind of lame to just post Outlander thoughts each day :-)

I met my best friend for a brunch at Cafe Alex today and we were catching up about stuff because we haven’t seen or talked to each other since the Christmas break. The brunch buffet was wonderful and definitely worth coming back for that again some time later this year.
In the afternoon we went to see a new German movie ‘Schlussmacher’ at the cinema, with Matthias Schweighöfer the actor, who is starring and directed (and probably also produced it?) in attendance. There also was time scheduled in advance for him doing autographs and all that stuff and the crowd was huge. I have to say it was very poorly organized by the cinema itself and I don’t think I’d ever visit such an event in that cinema again.
It was scheduled for 14:15 but we weren’t even allowed to enter that part of the movie theatre till later and then it took another 45 minutes (till 15:15) for Matthias and his co-star to show up there. We all guessed that they were late because of the weather and street conditions, but none of the folks from the staff there felt the need to say something about that. They were just standing around on a landing above the crowd, taking photos and such and watching us waiting in a crowd below them. Maybe I’m over sensitive, but some of them had a rather condescending vibe to them. I don’t know.
I only got a glimpse of the both actors when they finally showed up and signed stuff for the fans in the first two rows and it wasn’t really worth having waited for. Don’t think I will do that again :-)

They went on stage in the movie theatre itself before the movie started and talked a bit about the movie and answered a few questions from the audience. Most of the questions were very dumb questions and I equally felt bad for those two guys on stage and embarrassed to be sitting in the same audience as those stupid people asking dumb questions. I was so glad when the movie finally started. And it was a quite funny movie, so the afternoon was entertaining enough and worth the trip through the snow and sludge.

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Outlander Chronicles 2013
Day 005 | Audiobook: Outlander, Part 1 | up till 06:07:45 ( early chapter 09: The Gathering)

Not too much time to listen to it today, maybe I’ll listen to it a bit in bed, before I turn off the lights :-)

I remember being rather indifferent towards Laoghaire and even her kissing Jamie back then in 2009 (when I read Outlander for the first time). I don’t remember much of my initial reaction to Geilis Duncan either. I guess I kind of liked her at first. Listening to her first scenes with Claire now though, makes me shiver in hindsight. It might be interesting to pay more attention to what she’s doing and saying and how she acts and reacts from all I know about her now.

Jamie is calling himself clumsy again (“That’s a poor job of explaining, no?”) and that he lets Old Alick think that he’s clumsy to avoid talking about other stuff. It’s endearing, really. I also love (and loved back then) the fact that he trusts Claire, a stranger, with all of this personal stuff.

[All quotes from “Outlander” by Diana Gabaldon, Copyright© 1991 by Diana Gabaldon. All rights reserved.]

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