Glowing Job Performance Review…

I still haven’t quite snapped out of this weird mood, where I tend to procrastinate more than is good and in which I worry too much and just feel … weird. Not very eloquent, I know, but if I knew what’s the reason for this melancholy or whatever I should call it, I would know how to snap out of it. *sigh* But there also are nice things to talk about.

This morning I had the official (required after the first few months) job performance review meeting with my supervisor and our division manager and it went very, very well.  Well, I don’t know how it is in other professions. In our case there is a list of requirements and expected skills and my bosses assess how well I meet those requirements on a scale from 1 – 4, where 1 equals “doesn’t meed the requirements” and 4 equals “vastly exceeds the requirements”. I knew that due to it being a very formalized review procedure, they would tend to be more well-disposed in their review, because these four categories doesn’t allow for a more detailed assessment. If that makes any sense. It’s not so easy to explain it in English.

Anyway… the various aspects my job performance (knowledge, quality of my work, work approach, personal and social skills etc) were basically all rated to vastly exceed the job requirements. Wow!
In this very nice an very relaxed meeting we then talked a bit more about each of the requirements and why they thought I’d be doing really well so far and how glad they were that I had joined the team (and yes, they rightfully praised themselves for having made the decision to give this job to me and not one of the other applicants *g*)
But seriously, it was so nice to hear them say all those very nice things about my job performance and to experience that they really like to have me on their team and that they think I fit in really well. Because I think I do, I mean I’m really happy to be working there, because the job is interesting and my colleagues are really amiable and easy going people to work with. That was one of the few things I was glad to be able to point out during this meeting. Because it is true and because now in this (new) job I realize how important a friendly work atmosphere and nice coworkers are to my general well being. We spend so much time in each other company, it would be terrible if we didn’t get along. Of course there always are one or two with who you might not get along perfectly, but so far we managed to peacefully co-exist :-)
I did get along with my colleagues in my old job as well, but it was such a solitary job, because it was such a different profession and I wasn’t happy to be on my own all day. I need my alone time and I get enough of that at home, but it’s just so much nicer to be able exchange ideas for various projects, to get advice and yes, to just chat about random or even sometimes personal stuff as well. We all are social beings after all, aren’t we?

I really hope this glowing performance review will give me the boost I need to have a more positive outlook in other parts of my life as well. It definitely didn’t hurt :-)

° ° ° °

Outlander Chronicles 2013
Day 003| Audiobook: Outlander, Part 1 | Section: 03.23.30 – 04:40:45 (beginning of chapter 7)

While I was listening to the events of the first few days of their stay at Castle Leoch I was wondering if I could really pinpoint the moment I “fell” for Jamie. I really wish I could, but I’m afraid it was a gradual process. A quick one, but … still gradual.

I remember that I did feel kind of bad for Laoghaire when I had first read about the events that took place at the hall and how much I liked Jamie’s gallantry about it. Hearing all of it now with the knowing what kind of woman Laoghaire will grow up to be, quenched every sympathy for the young girl in these scenes. Yes, I tend to hold grudges, even for fictional characters.

I had almost forgotten that Claire meets Jamie as Jamie MacTavish. It feels kind of weird to think of him as a MacTavish, because he’s always been Jamie Fraser to me. Or maybe not always, because I as well “met” him as MacTavish.

When Claire learns about the use of leeches and silently hoped that she would never be asked to make use of the knowledge, I had to grin, because later on she will be using leeches so many times and all for good cause.

Favourite line in the narration today:
“This makes three times in three days, you’ve doctored me. Ye’ll be thinking I’m fair clumsy.”
Stuff like this always elicit a “awww, Jamie, you’re adorable” from me :-)

[All quotes from “Outlander” by Diana Gabaldon, Copyright© 1991 by Diana Gabaldon. All rights reserved.]

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  1. JJ says:

    Go you! Congrats :)

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    Thanks! I still sometimes can’t quite believe it myself :)

  3. Hope says:

    Nicely done! :D

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