Jumble of Thoughts #011 & Outlander Chronicles 2013, Day 002

I’m soooo glad this week is almost over. It’s been insanely busy at work and there were the regular doctor’s visits, so all in all a lot to take up my time. And I’m so exhausted. I try to go to bed at a reasonable hour, but I either don’t quite manage it or my brain’s too full to calm down and get to sleep at a reasonable hour. Either way, I’m exhausted and in dire need for this weekend and mornings without and alarm clock.

° ° ° °

The weather around here isn’t helping to put me in a better mood either. In general I prefer the cold and the snow to the weeks of rain and mild temperature. It’s winter, for crying out loud, it’s suppose to snow. I don’t even mind (yet) having to dig out my car every morning. One of the thing that are bugging me though is how this weather affects traffic. It’s going so much slower, rightfully so, because it’s safer under this conditions. And what’s really pissing me off, is that my car gets so horribly dirty from all the snow and slush on the highway. It looks disgusting and there’d be no use to go to the car wash because it would look the same after just a few hours. But still… Yucky!

° ° ° °

On another random note: Please, Sarah Braverman, come to your senses and kick the young puppy to the curb for good. Yes, I like Mark as character, but he’s only half the man Hank is, IMHO and I would be seriously annoyed if Sarah doesn’t realize that before the end of the season, which will already be aired next week? Anyway, I’m Team Hank all the way and I really hope Ray Romano will be back on Parenthood next season.

° ° ° °

Outlander Chronicles 2013
Day 002 | Audiobook: Outlander, Part 1 | Section: 01.44.30 – 03.23.30 (almost till the end of chapter 04) | Listened to in the car on my way to the doctor, to work and back home

I don’t know at what point during the last three years I noticed Richard Armitage, but once he had gotten on my radar, I had a clear image of “my” Frank/Jonathan Randall. I don’t think he’d agree to take the part in the TV series, but a girl can dream, right?

I had forgotten or not noticed in the first place, that Claire was going commando when Frank and she visited the stone circle in the early morning :-)

Claire and Jamie finally have met *sigh* I admit I probably find the whole encounter even more exciting in hindsight. I had enjoyed it even the first time, but then probably mainly for the feisty 20th century woman meeting these 18th century Scottish warriors. Quite the clash of culture, especially when she starts cursing.

When Jamie mentions lying for hours on the stone floor of the French Abbey only wearing a thin shirt to do penance because he was swearing, I immediately thought of the other time we see him do penance the same way, years later in the chapel at Helwater.

“Don’t worry, lass. I’ve been hurt much worse and by people much less pretty.”
*sigh* That’s all I have to say…

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