Outlander Chronicles 2013, Day 003 – 004

I had actually planned to work on my post of day 2 of my Scotland vacation last summer, but I was insanely busy with other stuff. And my apartment still is a mess. *sigh* At least my car is squeaky clean (only on the outside, I admit). And it will probably only be that clean for today, because more snowfall is predicted for tomorrow and the streets will be yucky again. But at least for this one day I could open the doors of my car without feeling the urge to wash my hands right afterwards, because the door handles were so so dirty *g*

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Outlander Chronicles 2013
Day 004 | Audiobook: Outlander, Part 1 | up till 05:37:40 (= middle of chapter 08: An Evening’s Entertainment)

In this part I noticed a discrepancy between the audiobook and the book itself. I don’t know if the script for the audiobook was slightly different or if the narrator made that slip by accident. But I checked both the paperback and the Kindle version and in both Jamie says he had been down at the coast when he was nearly killed by a blow to his head. On the audiobook I’m very sure he says he was at “Carryarrick Pass”, which sounded familiar. I wanted to google it to find out if that was a real place and if I had been there and it sounded familiar for that reason. I didn’t find references to a real place, only to the Outlander canon, but then not to this event Jamie is talking about but a moment later on and I guess I remembered it from that occasion. They first encounter John Grey near Carryarrick Pass. So I still have no idea why this place is mentioned in the narration at this point. Probably really just had been a slip of tongue.

Claire asking Jamie “Why do you wear your hair cropped?” had me baffled for a second, because I didn’t remember that he had. In my mind I always picture Jamie with the typical long hair of a 18th century Scottish warrior. But, well, because of the head injury the hair was shaved off and only had started to grow back. But I honestly didn’t remember that. I’m a bad Jamie Fraser fan ;-)

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