Outlander Chronicles 2013, Day 013

Outlander Chronicles 2013
Day 013 |Audiobook: Outlander, Part 3 | 01:07:30 – 02:43:50
middle of chapter 24:  By the Pricking of my Thumbs

Yesterday’s question of where Jamie went, when he left Castle Leoch at 16, was answered (he went home to Lallybroch) but with it another question was raised, when he mentioned that he was in France, when he was 18. I really should look into this or it’s going to drive me crazy :-)

I was surprised how matter-of-factly Jamie is telling the story of the Duke of Sandringham’s indecent advances towards him. I thought he would have been a bit more guarded about it. But maybe this expectation of mine is coloured by the knowledge of what Randall will do to him in the Wentworth prison.

Claire helps a foal to come into this world, but can’t help the “changeling” as much as she would love to. The whole changeling story gives me the creeps. Geilie’s reaction to Claire’s disregard of any superstition made wonder when exactly she realized that Claire is from another time, just like herself.

Geilie owns a book of magic by Comte St. Germain! ARGH! I did not remember that, because the name had no meaning the first time I read the book, I guess. I might have to re-read “The Space Between” (novella about Michael Murray and Joan MacKimmie where the Comte and Geilie are mentioned as well). How many hints there already were in the first book is a bit spooky.

Another thing I have to look up: Was Geilie / Gillian in any way related to old Mrs. Graham? I don’t think so, but the way Claire is reminded of Mrs Graham makes me wonder…

Things Jamie said…

“I never dreamed it would be so pleasant to make love to a physician.”

[All quotes from “Outlander” by Diana Gabaldon, Copyright© 1991 by Diana Gabaldon. All rights reserved.] 

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